Four remarkable piano performances / VII WKMT Music Festival 12.05.2018

It was a pleasure to see our piano students in action at our last Music Festival. It was very satisfactory to me as director of WKMT to look at our students making sustainable progress since the previous edition to this one. The repertoire performed was of a much higher level, and the quality of the performances was noticeably more robust. The majority of our students look relaxed while playing. I was particularly happy to see performers like Marinela Pasca, already delivering their 7th concert with us! Mark Yeo studies under Juan Rezzuto. He was focusing on Haydn piano sonatas for the year and a half. This time he delivered a very decent performance of Rachmaninov Prelude Op. 23 No. 6. This piece challenged his skills and pushed him to try and control multiple voices at the same time. This piece was indicated to increase the ability of the left hand.

Marinela Pasca made a massive change in repertoire. This Shostakovich prelude challenged her as it requires it changes texture quite dramatically. Marinela kept herself involved with the expression of the piece throughout all her performance and handled the changes in texture skillfully. Great work!

Imran Rajpoot impressed with his young age and his confident performance of these two very trendy pieces: "I Giorni" (L. Einaudi), "Demons" (Imagine Dragons - own arrangement). His choice of repertoire let us see his independent musical character. He filled his performance of expression and commitment to the musical message. He skillfully built up his first piece taking advantage of an efficient and well-learnt dynamic plan which takes into account the different textures and densities seen in the piece.

Anya Kirby is an experienced piano teacher based in Potters Bar. Her recitals feature enticing introductions before her expressive performances. Her version of the famous Chopin Nocturne in C# minor is very passionate and shows a significant commitment to the musical message of the piece. Her performance of Chopin Waltz Op. 64 no. 2 is both precise and original. It is highly rewarding for our studio to see a full rounded up professional like Anya taking Scaramuzza piano technique on board in such a successful way.

We are also very proud of two awards we have just been granted:

1. Our WKMT Camberwell Head Teacher, Cristina Guerra Juan, has been awarded with a Certificate of Achievement granted by the British Festival of Learning 2018.

2. Our Blog has been selected the third of the ten best educational blogs in the UK.

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