Helping our pianist community our way of helping our fellow musicians

WKMT organises, promotes, produces, records and helps musicians and students since 2010. Since June 2017 WKMT has taken one step forward.

In the past WKMT’s endeavours were mainly centred around helping its most immediate community. That helped it develop into a rather large network of musicians and music fans.

With concerts organised every month at St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens, our own cycle of masterclasses and two venues full of students, now WKMT is ready to extend its generosity to the international pianist community.

The way we are choosing to do it is by integrating with, our own piano society.

Our first project involves bringing scholars from UNA, the celebrated National University of Argentina and from Poland. Both countries have contributed to the pianistic aristocracy both in the compositional and in the performance side of things. It is a big honour for WKMT to unity the efforts with UNA to bring more opportunities to magnificently gifted musicians from this prestigious University.

How this translates in benefits for our students here in London

By supporting musicians from around the world and giving them full and part time working opportunities in London, we aid as well the educational consistency of our London piano programmes.

Having constantly changing teachers is a generalised problem in London. Even ourselves were suffering this issue at an organizational level. How did we sort it out? by sticking teachers to seasons and making sure they complete one level with each student.

In fact it is good to have different teachers through different grades. That keeps our students trained and benefiting from the educational wealth brought up by multi-perspective. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep the same teacher for each level until a grade or level is completed.

Now at WKMT our students can indulge learning piano with enlightened teachers that are stable for each level as much as it is possible.

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