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We have more than 10 years of experience in channelling musical creativity.


 Our Buenos Aires born director and founder is an elegant and active London composer and concert pianist. His approach to music is completely revolutionary. Professional Equestrian Rider and Classical Architecture Enthusiast, Juan Rezzuto manages and helps artists from all around the world. His experience and fine education define him as the ideal mentor for anyone looking to get fully immersed into the dynamic and inspiring world of music.  


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We deliver STUDIO and HOME TUITION lessons.

All London Zones

We have been training grade examinations since 2011

We are based in Kensington, Bermondsey and  Camberwell

Elegant and exclusive monthly music events

Our passion for music doesn't stop just there. WKMT London music events are classic! All our students, sessionists, fellow performers and composers are invited to share their talent at our established and professionally recorded London Music Festivals.

We have a 100% rate of success preparing ABRSM and Trinity College grade exams. Our piano teachers are experienced professionals and established artists commited to deliver piano lessons London

Effective piano technique

Technically, all our piano lessons are inspired and designed according to the world recognised method devised by "Vicente Scaramuzza"

Our Students Performances speak for themselves

Juan Rezzuto and WKMT believe in their students. Check our updated selection of student's professionally recorded performance. Press the bottom on the top hand side corner of the video window to browse all the more videos. 




WKMT Students

25th of January 2020

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St Cuthbert's church

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FEBRUARY 29th 2020


Piano and Violin



6.30 PM TO 8 PM

Elegant Piano and Music teaching in London


Treat yourself with Piano lessons in London by Juan Rezzuto and WKMT

Your Londoner expectations from learning to play the piano


Our first-lesson-piano-students come to take lessons with a variety of expectations. Some of them want to become professionals, some of them want to play to avoid the stress of their everyday life, some of them bring their children so they can develop a special skill, some of them don’t know why they are coming... For those who come allured by the intellectual benefits associated with learning to play an instrument, providing them with a complete musical training is the only way to deliver what they are expecting.


In order to musically develop our intellectual abilities, we have to be able to assess music, to perform it and to manage its delivery time-and-precision-wise. Achieving these goals imply changes in the way we process information. We need to order tasks smartly, prioritize muscular responses, assign each one of our senses to specific tasks. Ultimately, we have to organize a very complex message so it can be processed, emitted -using an external tool: the piano-, received, sensed and understood properly. If we are successful in completing this musical challenge, we will then have accessed the intellectual benefits of learning music.


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Piano Lessons in London Approach - WKMT

The Complete Piano and Musical Development of a Student



The two main possible outcomes of studying piano are:

1. becoming a concert pianist;

2. becoming a music connoisseur.


The first result is quite rare and involves a huge commitment from the student. The second one comes together with the fact of taking piano lessons in London. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility as piano teachers to promote the best development of both of these type of piano students. Fortunately, both outcomes are the product of the same musical training: one focused on developing the three main musical skills or characters…


As musicians and active piano performers, we constantly learn music and develop our ability to produce music. We learn new music and we explore different ways of performing it using three main set of skills: 1. The explorative ones, 2. The critical ones and 3. The performance ones (the ones related to the musical delivery). After many years of teaching and performing we’ve realised that unless students are trained to develop each one of these sets of skills, they will not benefit fully from learning music.


 The piano and music exploration skill

Consistency and Continuity

There two main characteristics needed to learn how to perform the piano: talent and discipline. Discipline is the fundamental one. If you are a disciplined person, who can build up healthy practising habits, then your success is almost guaranteed. Experience proves that a not-so-talented person with a great discipline can make much more progress than a super-talented not-disciplined student. As piano teachers, we know very well how to create pianists -both professional and amateur ones-; although... this can only work if our students follow our guidelines. The key is to show our students the beauty hidden in the process of learning music and not just in performing music. Piano lessons London need consistency.

Our main goal as teachers is to make sure our piano students feel rewarded when following our proposed learning plan. The latter means that every piece chosen, every new movement taught every new sight-reading exercise has to be carefully chosen so it is not as difficult as to put our students off neither as easy as to become boring.

Teaching a successful piano technique is fundamental when trying to achieve this aim. Our house technique, designed by Maestro Vicente Scaramuzza, is proven to be the world’s clearest piano paradigm. We back-up the later statement on the success of many international concert pianists, including the one the best pianists in the world: Martha Argerich. Scaramuzza developed a piano technique that helped already 5 generations of pianists to prologue a dynasty of successful international concert musicians and world-famous piano maestros. We can include amongst them:

Martha Argerich, Enrique Barenboim and his son Daniel Barenboim, Bruno Leonardo Gelber, Sergio Tiempo, Karin Lechner, Antonio de Raco...



The critical skill

Music can only be fully understood if it can be felt. Music is a social skill; it teaches us how to express our emotions in a language so abstract that uses abstract means to refer to abstract matters.


When we are learning how to play an instrument, during a piano lesson, for example, all our senses are committed to try and understand how to use the instrument to project a musical message encrypted in a music score. This task can prove to be so challenging that leaves no space for us to fully understand the music itself. The only way to acknowledge the standard we have to reach is getting to know the result we are targeting; we need to experience a well delivered musical message to realise the full scope of the process in front of us.

Our WKMT concerts are meant to be the perfect gateway into musical deliberation. Passively listening to music is not enough. We need to create our own musical opinions about what we listen to. These opinions should be based on our own conceptions of what we have heard. The stimulation needed to push us to do this comes from your/our fellow musicians.

Due to the latter, assisting to our collegiate classical concerts becomes paramount for your development as a musical connoisseur. They are as important as the festivals for your performance skills.



Performance skill

Playing the piano would end being pointless if we never performed for anyone. Learning how to stand in front of an audience and do what we have trained to do, is the ultimate goal of any piano training.

At WKMT we believe that setting up the perfect concert is one of our main responsibilities. Our students need to be granted access to a very well deserved performance opportunity after long hours of hard work.

Our London Music Festivals constitute the perfect opportunity for our students to portray their musical achievements and enjoy the pleasure of sharing their music with others.


Juan Rezzuto BMus(Hons.) [IUNA -BUENOS AIRES-] , FTCL Composition [Trinity College London]




Once again WKMT students excelled at our Music Festival. The latter was the VIII edition of our WKMT Piano | Music Festival! 

It fills us with great joy to saw our students participating in this beautiful event. The time had gone by so quickly since our humble beginnings back in 2010. Even when it might not seem that long, eight years is enough time to see a student evolving from being a child into becoming a young adult.
We’ve been fortunate to have the chance to train outstanding individuals who achieved unbelievable results. Made Kuti for example, was able to make his way from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in just two years. That is not all, he also managed to obtain his first performance diploma in only six extra months.


Other students surprised us with their resilience and outstanding discipline. For example, Mark Yeo who, being a full-time successful finance student, managed to keep up with his serious piano training and produced very decent performances at several of our festivals.

These are just two magnificent examples of fantastic student performances. What they prove is that with dedication, any musical goals can become a reality. It doesn’t matter how big is the challenge; if you count with enough time, the right guidance and you put the right amount of dedication the success is guaranteed.

As director of WKMT and after 8 years of experience teaching and conducting our organisation, I reached the conclusion that only those students completing the learning cycle proposed by WKMT achieve the best results. By “completing the learning cycle” I mean attending lessons, practising at home, actively participating in our monthly concerts and performing at our music festivals. When students commit themselves to enjoy music and facilitate our work, the results are just mesmerising. 

The VIII edition of our WKMT Music Festival was a fantastic party. Pushkin house and its excellent music room is the perfect setting to frame our event. Our festival, as always, is both a party and a concert. The concert is organised so guests can enjoy a cocktail party in the drawing room while students get ready to perform by warming up at the Steinway grand in the music room. 

The importance of these student performances transcends the role of an examination. The festival performance is “the real thing”. All our student-performers will have the chance to understand in full the challenges involved in professional piano performances. They will be then encouraged to refine their senses, to sharpen their concentration and to deliver the best they can produce. This is the ultimate musical challenge and the most revealing of all musical tasks; this is what truly helps us understand the whole dynamic and effort behind a real professional concert. We wish you the most enjoyable and useful pre-festival season, now let’s start getting ready for our IX WKMT London Music Festival!


Juan Rezzuto


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