WKMT  calls for talented classical pianists and composers or musicologists  with a major in piano from all the UK

We are recruiting nationally

International candidates requiring sponsorship for VISA, please visit our International Recruitment page.


Who are we?

WKMT is one of London’s most famous private piano practices. We currently teach more than 180 students every month.


We count with four teaching spaces, three in London -West Kensington, Camberwell and Bermondsey- and one in Spain -Mondoñedo-.


We organise our concerts at St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens with the support of Markson Pianos.



We deliver masterclasses about piano technique and the work of Vicente Scaramuzza.



We have our professional audio and video recording equipment and facilities.



We organise annual student festivals for all our studentship at St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens.



What is this project about?

We have been working in London since 2010. Our way of teaching is unique and relies on a deep understanding of music and the psychological framing of each student. 


Due to the latter, we are unable to employ piano teachers directly. Therefore, the only way we’ve found to guarantee the quality of our tuition is to ensure every candidate is tested correctly before starting our training. The successful candidates are then trained thoroughly in the subjects that define the WKMT teaching approach. 


This position is open to candidates from all over the UK interested in learning a top piano technique. They will also have the chance to live in London within a community of musicians fully committed to intensely studying music and the act of teaching it to other people. 

Accommodation, transport and communications are included in the proposal, along with a salary paid on the candidate’s bank account.


Internship Package

The organization of one performance opportunity. These performances might be recorded. These opportunities are subject to the candidate being properly trained on Vicente Scaramuzza piano technique via weekly one-to-one sessions with Mtro. Juan Rezzuto

The training on British Piano Pedagogy and official syllabuses. This training will be provided by WKMT staff.

The intern delivers up to 30 hours of tuition to piano students of all ages and levels within the premises of WKMT Kensington, WKMT Bermondsey WKMT Camberwell and/or the students’ homes, as it may be required by the WKMT staff manager.





There are proper practising and IT facilities for the teachers to optimize their time on the eventuality of an absence.

High-quality drinks are available for the teachers during their stay at the premises.




Job Description

Teaching one-to-one piano and keyboard lessons for any amount of time required by the student and in line with our specific study plans.

Preparing pupils for performances, examinations, auditions, festivals, and gigs.

Keeping an accurate record of student development through our IT system.

Engaging in non-tutorial activities like performances and recordings.

Executing basic office tasks.

Writing emails and referring to internet resources.

Developing and retaining students through effective teaching methods, including but not exclusive to good communication, structure, and motivation.

Support your students in their use of internet resources.

Welcoming and hosting the students at a high standard of hospitality. This involves offering and preparing drinks during the lesson and complying with certain codes of courtesy self-presentation.

Producing a monthly collaboration on your personal blog. This can come in the shape of a 500-700 word article, a video, infographics or any sort of post.

Role Requirements

The role is for set teaching days to be defined by the WKMT staff manager in accordance with the workload set within the boundaries of 20-37 hours per week.

DBS check (mandatory without exceptions). In the case of international applicants, we will require a reference from their local police authorities. This document will be then translated to English by the candidate.

Experience of teaching would be preferred, however, a training program is available and you will be granted free permission to attend this and regular training sessions regardless of your experience after the successful completion of your probationary phase

Ensuring that you adhere to health and safety standards, and work in line with child protection legislation.

You need to have a proven record of excellence or at least decency in your artistic deliveries (recordings, concert programs, newspaper articles, etc.)

Salary 23000 - 28000 GBP p/a

The package does not include accommodation or transport any longer.