WKMT extends its teacher recruitment process to all the world!

International recruitment

Candidates entitled to live and work in the UK please visit our "National recruitment" page.

Who are we?

WKMT is one of London's most respectable private piano studios. We count on more than 120 piano students from all levels and ages.


We count on a "Sponsor Licence" that enables us to sponsor candidates to come to live and work in the UK.  Our Home Office License number DXMXRQPY6


We count with three working spaces in London: West Kensington, Camberwell and Bermondsey.


We organise concerts with the support of Markson Pianos UK and St. 

Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens. 


We organise Masterclasses



We organise annual music festivals for students


You can check our broad range of activities on our Youtube channel.


What is this project about?


We offer a job and training opportunity for graduates interested in working, studying and living in the UK. 


The package includes:

1. Training for a recital in a London venue

3. 25-30 of tuition to students of all levels and ages.

4. The opportunity to make a portfolio recording

5. Work for a classical piano studio in the UK for a minimum of 2 years.

6. Salary GBP 23000 - 25600 p/a.

The proposal doesn't include:

1. Accommodation.

2. Flights


The entry date for this role is c. September 2022

This date is subject to the completion of the recruitment process.

We conduct all Interviews from London via Zoom meeting.



The requirements for this position are:

1. Speak English fluently.

2. Be a graduate in music specializing in piano

The confirmation for this position will be achieved once the VISA is granted by the Home Office.

The recruitment process


1. Candidate fills the form below

2. If the material is accepted, the candidate is contacted for a remote interview

3. If the outcome of the interview is positive, we send a document with a written proposal.

4. If the proposal is accepted we organise a video call with the candidate to show the studios

5. If the candidate is happy to accept the proposal then we organise a psycho-technical test

6. If the test comes back positive then we send the contract to be signed

7. With the contract signed we can then start the VISA process in the corresponding British consulate. We will sponsor the candidate as a Licensed Sponsor Company 

8.  If the VISA is granted then the job position is confirmed and we start the arrangements for the candidate to arrive in UK.


More information?

Please send your application to secretariat@wkmt.co.uk include a CV, Academic certificates and a recording of your performances.