WKMT is commited to spread the passion for music and arts!


Patrons of  WKMT

After 6 years of committing ourselves to music, both in the educational and the production dimensions, we have finally decided to share the pleasure of propagating this superlative art with a select community of patrons. 
WKMT is an established music practise based in Kensington which has been working uninterruptedly for the last 6 years. Its students base has grown at a rate of 40% every year and its festivals have consolidated as the most professional option within the private music tuition sector.

Why is WKMT a serious organisation?

Why should you choose to become a patron of WKMT?

WKMT is currently helping students which deserve access to private music tuition and can’t afford it. It started happening in a quite spontaneous way: we first spotted a very gifted student, we then advised his or her parents to bring him or her for extra lessons, but it became evident they could not afford it and therefore we provided the extra lessons for free.  
Piano requires a lot of discipline and time commitment; this always added up to professional monitoring. Talent is precious and we know how to spot it! By becoming a patron, you will be as well helping talented prospect musicians taking their first steps towards becoming fully rounded professionals. 
WKMT is a very social musical enterprise. We run concerts every month in different artistic venues and alluring private properties. Becoming a patron of WKMT means you will gain access to some wonderfully catered receptions where music is experienced as it used to be in classical music heydays -WKMT Classical Music Concerts, WKMT London Music Festivals.
In addition to the latter, the patrons will participate on the
selection of WKMT scholars. Basically, two or three students will be chosen from each festival and will be promoted as suitable candidates to our patrons, who will make the final decision about which one of them should benefit from the WKMT scholarship. The winner will be awarded with a four 60-minute lesson scholarship extensible up to twenty-four tuition hours based on his or her sustained performance.
As patron you can also send someone of your choice for a
one free piano lesson at the studio at any point between the day of the festival you are patron of and the following one. 

What are the benefits of becoming a patron of one of our events?

This will happen after the event concludes. In order to facilitate your selection, we will submit the professional video of our selected students’ performance so you can watch them as many times as you need before you can finally take your decision. 

How do I participate in the selection of the WKMT season’s scholar?


How to Become a patron?