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Piano Masterclasses 2022

with Maestro Juan Rezzuto

WKMT Founder & Director 

June 11th & November 19th 2022

From 4pm to 7pm


Open to Children & Adults


Active students £49.90 - 10 places for selected students on application

Maestro Juan Rezzuto will work with ten students in two blocks of 75 minutes on pieces that they will present for the recorded WKMT Festivals.


The focus will be on the Scaramuzza Piano technique applied to different pieces.


To apply just write to secretariat@wkmt.co.uk

You can also call 020 71014479 Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Our motivation comes from our experience as pianists: we know how important is to gather with colleagues to share opinions about our performances; we know that a properly tuned and regulated piano is fundamental to achieve these purposes; but foundamentally we also know how important and valuable is for our careers to continue to learn more and more about our discipline.These three basic elements are the ones we mean to offer to our members and also ourselves as musicians. We are welcoming any interested performer who is attracted by the idea of enjoying the product of all the effort invested in practicing this amazing music that keeps our lives in a continuous trip of discoveries.   
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At WKMT we take the teachers training truly seriously. Our Piano masterclasses are meant to provide our teachers with the necessary support to learn the common our practice’s common language. 
Having a pedagogic common language is fundamental when consolidating a professional and corporate practice. The piano school we follow is the one developed by Vicente Scaramuzza. Followed by Martha Argerich, Daniel Baremboim, Bruno Gelber, Nelson Goerner and many more, this taxative and clear piano technique is the world’s most famous and best acknowledged pianistic paradigm. 
In each lecture we talk about a different set of movements, going deep into them while we analyze how piano mechanics and human anatomy integrate in an attempt to always find the optimum approach to every pianistic challenge.
In addition to our routine scaramuzza sessions, Dr Daniel Pereira also lectures about the Russian school of Piano performance. These highly academic sessions are destined to enlighten and broaden our teachers’ approach to teaching. Understanding the multi-culturalism involved in piano teaching is one of our main priorities.

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