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We are very happy to introduce our next London Music Festival, this time happening at St. Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens, 23rd of November 2019 we all have a musical date.


This iconic venue constitutes an amazing step forward for our event and the natural evolving route for our bi-annual celebrations.

Another piano performance instance

The WKMT festival for selection of students is a brand new format of piano-students-concert at WKMT. The idea behind it is to create a platform for students who have commited a little bit of extra time preparing their pieces, and they can produce deliveries at a reasonably high standard. 
We welcome piano students of all levels and ages. We don't base our selection on level or age but performance quality. In this sense, the new WKMT-festival-for-selection-of-students is an excellent opportunity for the audience to enjoy the performances of our most commited WKMT students.

Selection process

The students eligible to go to our next festival will be appointed first by their one-to-one teacher. To be selected, each student has to prepare a piece to the best of his or her possibilities. 
Each teacher will propose students at the WKMT festival meeting, organized to happen around two weeks before the festival itself. Juan Rezzuto -WKMT director- will then analyze the repertoire submitted by each student and make a final selection. He will base his decision on repertoire compatibility, level, age of the students, and needed-student-stimulation.
We will communicate the final decision to all participants around one week before the festival via email.

Purpose of the selection festival

We based our idea of creating a festival for a selection of students on the need to foster healthy competition amongst our students. Rehearsing how to perform in front of an audience is essential, but we also need to feel the need to play "perfectly". The latter helps us sharpen our senses, add a bit of "desired" stress to the performance and pushes our boundaries and attention to the detail. 
The festival for selection of students is aimed to make our students work hard. If they want to reach the second chance to perform in the beautiful Saint Cuthbert's, then they need to pay attention and deliver. 
The latter approach brings a bit more seriousness to the training. Just enough to make it worthwhile.

How is the festival organized?

As opposed to the much more popular big festival in June, the "selection festival" is much shorter. We will aim to compress the three children concerts into one maybe two, and we will organize only one adult concert this time.
The same as the big festival of June, this event is professionally recorded, and Juan, our director, is also delivering feedback to all the participating piano students. This feedback comes in the form of an email. The email is sent to each participant, accompanied by the video of their performance.
We will welcome everyone with a friendly reception as always before the beginning of the piano student concert. The buffet consists of some "smart" nibbles complemented by an excellent selection of wines, prosecco and soft drinks.

Practising room

Since we are organizing the festival one more time at St. Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens, we will count with a suitably secluded practising room.
The later represents a great advantage for our students preparing to play at a reasonably competitive level for their standards. 
We recommend all participants to optimize their practising time. The best advice is to focus on those passages that need an adequately warmed up. Some passages are played more easily when our fingers have been already playing for a while. These are the ones we should try and repeat the most before jumping on stage.

Performances of our last Festival Editions - Arts Club, Waterloo/ Pushkin House, Fitzrovia

WKMT  London Music Festivals


The piano at St. Cuthbert's

It is a privilege to count with our fabulous Yamaha CFIII at St. Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens. If it weren't only to play this incredible instrument, it would still be worthwhile participating in the festival. 
We all rehearse at home using "studying" instruments. The festival is the perfect chance to experience the opportunity of playing a "concert" instrument.
Playing a concert-quality instrument is a transcendental experience for any pianist. The same as playing a masterpiece allows us to obtain insight into the best musical architecture; playing a concert-instrument helps us gaining insight into the beautiful world of sound production. 

What pieces to present at the festival?

Our recommendation is to present pieces no shorter than two minutes long and no longer than seven minutes. Due to the nature of this event, piano students are encouraged to select one piece that they play particularly well. In this sense, students rehearse their ability playing pieces with a higher level of precision, as opposed to the June festival when they practise performance-endurance.
The pieces can correspond to any genre or level.

Festival and Grade exam integration

The same as the big WKMT piano festival of June, this performance opportunity represents the perfect stage to showcase pieces prepared for the grade syllabuses. 
The main difference with the June festival is that students will need to make a selection so they can satisfy the two-to-seven-minute-performance-slot.

How this event integrates with all WKMT performance opportunities?

The way WKMT has designed its performance opportunities; they allow all students to play at least one time a year. This one significant performance opportunity is the June Festival. For those students performing particularly well, there are additional performance opportunities. 
The "featured-student" slots represent another fantastic performance opportunities for WKMT piano students. Basically, before the professional concerts, one or two students will be appointed to deliver a short one-piece performance. These students must be able to produce a close-to-professional standard performance at the level they are learning at the moment of the concert.
The "WKMT piano festival for selection of students" is the intermediate stage between the "open" festival in June and the "featured-student" opportunity.

An opportunity for everyone
WKMT encourages all students to perform at least once a year. After all these years -since WKMT was founded in 2010- of working with piano students of all levels and ages, we realized everyone could do it. 
We have outstanding examples of piano students who started learning the instrument at a somewhat matured age and yet they managed to achieve a decent level in their performances.
The beauty of learning piano is that it doesn't matter when you start the instrument can accompany you for the rest of your life. 


Event Programme

Greetings / Reception

We will greet students and professionals from the all three concert blocks. All House rooms will be opened for you to enjoy during the reception time. We are welcoming all guests with a collection of fine appetizers and a glass of champagne.​


Children student concerts

All of our students below 18 years old will give a performance which will be arranged according to their pianistic level.



Adult student Concerts

All of our students above 18 years old will give a performance which will be arranged according to their pianistic level.

Time Slots

Starting time 16.00

Reception children 16.00

Children concert 16.15

Reception adults 18.45

Adult concert 19.00



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