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 London Music Festival

A Fabulous performance opportunity!

We are very happy to introduce our next London Music Festival.

At WKMT we are pioneering the school festival scene! 

Covid-19 left us with no live events, without the chance of attending music events. But now we are back for you to keep on enjoying and performing in our music events in London!

As a piano instructor with over 15 years of experience, I have confirmed the same pattern throughout many students: they need a goal.

Regardless if it is an ABRSM grading examination, a competition or a live performance, they won't show the same amount of work and dedication as opposed if they do have any of the goals aforementioned.

Among the objectives proposed in the previous paragraph, a live performance was mentioned. In the case of WKMT students, this translates into the experience of a Music Festival. This event provides an opportunity for all participants to perform in front of a live audience.

 A bonus from this gathering is that WKMT records and films professionally the event for further feedback with their teacher.


Book your participation now for June 18th in London!

Why is it relevant to perform in WKMT festivals for your music education process?

   Studying piano is essentially a lonely process. The instrument itself is destined to be mainly a solo instrument, which means the performer usually plays alone. Within the dynamic of the weekly lesson, we have the teacher, the student and the student's parents in the case of the children.
Students don't have a space in which they can interchange ideas, experiences and share common goals within the lesson framing. Festivals are a great moment to give our students the chance to mingle and meet people with similar interests.

Playing before a live audience develops confidence. It is a powerful medium to beat bashfulness and boost your morale.
With children, it is vital to be aware that these skills will transfer into other life experiences in their future: a job interview, a public speech, etc.

Whenever is a goal set, the student will push harder than ever to achieve it and favour concentration and stamina in their studies; the understanding that when we play live, we expose ourselves and this situation makes the student give the best they can.
Throughout the years we have verified that the students who perform in our festivals increase their study time 50% more than the students who don't. 



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