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WKMT London opens its main classes to anyone in the world.

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Subjects delivered

We deliver Music Composition subjects such as:

  1. Harmony - Theory of Harmony by Schoenberg

  2. Music Analysis - Classical Forms by William Caplin

  3. Composition - delivered by London based composer, Juan Rezzuto

  4. Piano Technique - Scaramuzza Piano technique

Main teachers and promoters


Juan Rezzuto, founder and director of WKMT London and Gisela Paterno, educational director of WKMT London have both studied composition in one of the world's best and most serious Music Faculty: Departamento de Artes Musicales y Sonoras del UNA - Buenos Aires - Argentina. 


Their origins

Regarded as South America's most prestigious Music College, the UNA is free to anyone deserving to study Music. The only caveat: You need to pass one of the toughest Music Admission Exam in the world. 


The beauty of this arrangement between students and teachers is that money is out of the game. Teachers don't teach because the students directly support the institution with their fees; students learn because they have the talents necessary to achieve something in the music disciplines they are willing to develop. 


Inspired on these parameters, WKMT London has decided to open its main subjects to any "listener" around the world. 


If the listeners have questions, they can submit them to our free forum. We try to answer as many questions as possible. If someone is interested in joining as an active student, we offer subscriptions to be able to do so. 

Available subscriptions




If you are willing to participate in the webinars as active students, please contact our administration and apply to our courses at

Becoming an active student in the webinars means you will be assigned specific homework, we will aim to correct your material during the lessons or before and you will be able to ask questions during the live streaming of the sessions.

UK International certifications - ABRSM and Trinity College London


For those wanting to pursue studies with us to prepare ABRSM Music Theory examinations or Music Composition diplomas, we can arrange one-to-one composition lessons.


If you would like to learn about Music Theory, Keyboard Harmony and Composition in your spare time, you can use our online courses.


Feel free to visit, our dedicated website for online composition courses. 

FREE Weekly Online Piano and Music Lessons

Keep an eye on this page for updates on dates and times.

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