This page contains all our work towards completing the full analysis of Hob. XVI

Haydn Hob. XVI - Full compositional, technical and harmonic analysis


After a huge prelude of preparations and training towards the starting of this fascinating project, the directive team at WKMT is ready to begin the delivery of their regular on-line publications, about Haydn Sonatas. 

The articles will cover the technical, harmonic and compositional analysis of Haydn sonatas. The bibliography used to carry out the analysis is summarized in MUSIC THEORY RESOURCES.


We are endeavouring to cover the entire spectrum of his work. Our director Juan Rezzuto is recording all of them in both their solo and trio forms. 

Our presentations and galas are the occasions when these pieces are going to be both explained and performed. The events can be organized either as masterclasses, private concerts or public performances.

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