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Music Composition Lessons

WKMT London Teachers. From London to the world. Everyone is invited!

"Our composition lessons are conducted in a way that students are encouraged to master four disciplines: Counterpoint, Harmony, Orchestration and Musical Forms.
Each learning period is structured along with these main areas.
Our teachers will guide you to express yourself through a solid foundation. Regardless of the style you choose, we will give you there necessary tools to enrich your musical language."

Juan Rezzuto, WKMT Founder & Director

WKMT Free Music College

Our Free Music College works out as the perfect stimulation for students seeking to improve and develop their music and piano composition skills. 

Our approach is in line with Schoenberg's conception of music composition lessons. Our 4 hours of weekly free tuition cover:

Harmony - Treatise of Harmony by Arnold Shoenberg

  • Classical Music Analysis - Music Forms by William Caplin

  • Harmony - Treatise of Harmony by Arnold Shoenberg

  • Practical Composition Lessons

  • Counterpoint

Access to sessions is free, and all students can ask questions via WKMT Forum and comments during the live stream. 

Active Music Composition College

Students interested in participating actively in our Free Music College can purchase "active participant status".

WKMT sells this access on a per-session basis. You can obtain this access at

If you prefer to consult us before making any purchase, you can call us Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm London GMT+1 on +442071014479. Alternatively, you can write to us via our contact page.


We can offer an assessment one-to-one session to active students who have attended a minimum of 15 sessions.


The assessment includes a 60-minute consultation session. If you wish to book your assessment, please contact us directly.

One to One sessions

Students interested in one-to-one lessons can contact us directly Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm London GMT+1 on +442071014479 to arrange a trial one-to-one composition lesson. Alternatively, students can use our contact page.

We deliver one-to-one Music Composition Lessons both online and face to face.

For in-person sessions, we can organise in-studio lessons in the UK and Spain at our London and Mondonedo studios.

All our one-to-one composition students enjoy ACTIVE access to our Music College. Our teachers can further clarify any doubts that might arise from the "Free Music College Sessions" both during the live stream -if possible and pertinent-, during students' one-to-one lessons or via e-mail or forum.

Juan Jose Rezzuto

​Juan Rezzuto is an established composer based in London. His work includes vocal, solo and orchestral pieces premiered in Argentina, Germany and the UK.

He started his training as a classical concert pianist at the age of 2 and has developed his career as a pianist since then. His compositional approach is eminently classical, integrating music from the baroque period onwards with the latest trends in electroacoustic and classical avant-garde music. He also specializes in mastering and MIDI realisations.

His works include music for Documentaries, Films, Theatre, Classical Concerts and Ballets. 


Gisela Paterno

Gisela is a graduated composer from  BMus (Hons.)  at IUNA's Music Department (National University Institute of Arts) in composition.

Her works have been premiered in venues such as Cervantes Theatre (Argentina), National University of Lanus (UNLa), National University of the Arts (IUNA), National University of the Arts (IUNA), Palace of the Legislature of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires Conservatory, Orquestrals pieces with the National orchestra from Paraguay,  vocal, ensemble, Ballet and piano solo pieces in new York and Kansas City.

She has a great in-depth in styles ranging from renaissance and  baroque music, to contemporary and modern music (blues, jazz and rock)



We do know that any musical journey is full of milestones.

It takes time to learn the language and discipline to go all the way. Our approach is getting you into the place you want to be step by step without feeling overwhelmed.

Our strategy is building a plan tailored according to what you specifically need, no matter the style or type of Music you want to approach. The theory should serve to the practice and not vice-versa.


At every step of the way, you will acquire the necessary concepts to help you in bringing in to life through your Music.



Each Course we offer at WKMT is designed to approach the different areas we need to know to become a Music Creator. Click on  the courses listed below to learn the full syllabus at WKMT Composition lessons in London and ONLINE:

Music Theory and Harmony

Before starting to compose, we will give you the necessary foundation to learn the Musical language you need. The Course is structured from beginners' level to advance.

Keyboard Harmony

One of the most fundamental areas in modern Music to cover. How master solo-piano compositions by building chords, their function, how to combine them, and how do they work within any piece of Music.



This Course will guide you through the process to control every note you make, adding a deep understanding of how Music is developed and take your creations to another level of expertise.



This Course will take your Music to a higher level of evolution. Counterpoint has been the foundation of every piece of Music for the last 300 years and still is!


Composition for Electronic Musicians and Music Producers

The core structure of this Course is to offer you the tools to create the tracks you always wanted to make, but you felt they were missing parts that prevent to do so. This includes learning how to use different types of piano composition software amongst many others.



This Course is for all composers that want to expand their composition expertise with the extensive instrumental capabilities that the orchestral sound can offer. Excellent for Film music makers!


With WKMT, your creative process starts today! Every student is unique for us, and to find your voice and expression is the adventure we will undertake together.