Piano Scholarship for advanced piano students

The WKMT "ABRSM / Trinity College Diploma scholarship for International Students" is meant to help international advanced students preparing ABRSM or Trinity College piano performance diplomas.

Piano Scholarship with WKMT - London

We are WKMT London, one of London´s most prestigious private piano school.


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We´ve been teaching piano for more than a decade in our three different locations at the British Capital.


We have now opened a fabulous campus in Galicia prepared to welcome international students from all around the world.


This scholarship is designed for international students who live too far from our studios in London - UK or Galicia - Spain.


The lessons will be delivered online directly from WKMT LONDON. 


The same teachers teaching at our London branches are equipped to alternate from face-to-face to online students during their shifts at our Kensington headquarters.


The professionalism and refinement of the European tradition in classical piano teaching are at the reaching of the international community.


Our more-than-a-decade of experience teaching professional students and training piano teachers is at the reach of anyone in the world. 


We offer our advanced students to prepare and perform piano concertos with our orchestra LAO.


Haydn Piano Concerto in G



Our season of Haydn classical concerts is popular in London



The main difference between us and any other online lesson provider is evident at our website. 



You can learn even more about us by watching our documentary at



We are trying very hard to bring our expertise close to talented students around the world.

How to get a piano scholarship?

Application process

We will always announce winners by June 1st every year

The application process

1. Cover letter via email to secretariat@wkmt.co.uk.


The cover letter should specify the reasons why the student believes WKMT London should grant him or her a scholarship.


The student should also state which Diploma he or she intends to sit for.

2. If the cover letter is accepted, the student will need to submit a video performing one representative piece of the classical period.

The piece should be a classical piano sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Clementi or Beethoven.


We also accept piano concertos. The recording needs to be live. 


Can you get a piano scholarship?


This piano scholarship is open to students of all ages and nationalities.

As the lessons are going to be imparted online, there is no issue with citizenship. 

The examination will be taken in the country the applicant belongs to or via online with ABRSM.


ABRSM is an international organization with branches in many different countries.


If the student couldn't take the exam in his or her country, then we will analyse the possibility of helping the student to take the exam in the closest country available or via ONLINE.


Grade 8 standard or equivalent

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