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Classical Concerts London by WKMT

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WKMT Classical Concert February 2020

Violin, Paola Delucchi
Paola is a talented violinist with solid and elegant interpretation skills, working mostly in London as a freelance performer and violin teacher.

She has performed and organised many concerts across Europe and abroad (UK, Italy, China, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Germany) as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral leader.

Her prime interest lies in chamber music. She has played in many ensembles, performing from baroque to more contemporary repertoires, winning several renowned competitions, such as Harold Craxton Prize (London 2012) and Castiglione delle Stiviere and Città di Castello (Italy 2008). 

In 2012, she founded alongside pianist Albert Lau the Apeiron Piano Trio, a lively young ensemble determined to pursue an international career. The group garnered enthusiastic review from La Repubblica, Italy’s national newspaper, which praised the “commendable lyrical elegance” and “interpretative intelligence” of the ensemble. Besides their activity as a trio, Paola and Albert also perform as a violin and piano duo and they have just returned from an extensive tour in China, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong. During this tour, the duo held a conference at Società Dante Alighieri in Hong Kong, sharing their experiences with a broad audience. From now on, Paola and Albert will concentrate on many other performances planned across the globe in 2017 and 2018.

Mozart Violin Concerto No. 1 in Bb major


Haydn Piano Concerto No. 7 Hob XVIII 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-flat major, K. 207, once was supposed to have been composed in 1775 (when Mozart was 19), along with the other four wholly authentic violin concertos. However, analysis of handwriting and the manuscript paper on which the concerto was written suggest that the date of composition might have been 1773. It has the usual fast-slow-fast structure. Movements are:

Allegro moderato

The concerto is full of brilliant passagework with running sixteenth notes. It is characterized generally, by high spirits.

The Rondo in B-flat, K. 269 for violin and orchestra, also is connected to this concerto. It was intended to replace the finale movement and was composed to fulfil the recommendation of Antonio Brunetti, a violinist in Salzburg at the time.

Nonetheless, typically the concerto is performed with the original finale and the K. 269 Rondo remains a separate concert piece.

Violin, Paola Delucchi
Conductor, Alvaro Sisti
Orchestra, WKMT

The Haydn Piano Concerto No. 7 Hobokken XVIII is a refined small piece. The beauty of its precise and delicate melodic lines reign over a stylish accompaniment texture. The piece is inspiring in the sense that it is the perfect of how simplicity and elegance can collaborate to produce the most beautiful musical moment.


Piano, Juan Rezzuto

Conductor, Alvaro Sisti

Orchestra, WKMT 

Classical Concerts London - WKMT by Juan Rezzuto

The inspiration for this project came from various sources and from very different countries. The debut took place in Argentina at Palacio Sans Souci – Buenos Aires. It was there that I spent almost two years playing for private classical concerts... What I learnt was amazing! On time I realized I was experiencing something unique: the possibility of enjoying music in its original environment. Music is maybe the most emotionally-involving of arts. Apart from depicting events through an abstract language, music works directly on the surreal. It is remarkable how something, that we can’t touch, can still be so powerful as to bring us to ecstasy or sink us into the deepest state of sadness… The point that appealed me the most was the privacy, the intimate atmosphere that was created when enjoying the best of music, not inside an impersonal crowd but amongst friends and acquaintances with which we shared common interests and an unstoppable passion for Music. Soon after I reached London I was lucky enough to come across Jasper Conran with whom the story started again. It was with him that we organize my first musical evening in London, framed in the magnificent New Wardour Castle…”

Who are our performers?

Our performers come from two different sources. 
A.    Our artist network: Through several years of being an established music production studio in London, our musical activities brought us close to several artists which are called in turns to participate in our private events
B.    Our teaching team is built up of outstanding performers which are continually involved in tours around the UK and Europe and which are always very happy to feature in our music evenings.


The ones who are students at WKMT already know how keen we are on hospitality. These concerts benefit from an upgraded version of our traditional very welcoming attitude. Depending on the venue catering will be offered or not. 

A collection of short samples of our most recent performances

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