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Our branch and our director

WKMT extended its reach to one of London's trendiest areas, Bermondsey and Our lessons are supported on one of the world's most famous piano technique -Vicente Scaramuzza Towerbridge. WKMT Bermondsey studio is located just 5 minutes walk from Bermondsey station, 10 minutes from River Thames and 15 minutes from Tower Bridge. 
WKMT understands piano students need to be taught like complete musical individuals. For that reason, our tuition is comprehensive enough to contemplate the needs of each student. 
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-. Our director, Maestro Juan Jose Rezzuto, is a direct student of Bruno Leonardo Gelber former student of Vicente Scaramuzza himself.


We are delighted to have taught our first group of piano students at our Bermondsey studio.
Our starting date was the 20th of September -a historic time for our Bermondsey studio.

Our Bermondsey piano students also participate in all our WKMT activities. The following dates are 1. the 13th of October Piano Concerto at St. Cuthbert's Philbeach Gardens - Kensington and Chelsea -, and 2. the 17th of November Student festival at Pushkin House.

Our lessons at WKMT Bermondsey are oriented to allow students to access the full scope of activities related to music. They not only access fabulous piano lessons, but they also develop a sense of belonging to a musical community. Our "monthly concerts" are meant to be the perfect opportunity for our children and adults to get to know each other. They gather they exchange opinions about the music they are listening to.

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