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The excellence of WKMT piano lessons now available anywhere in the world 

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Foundation group online piano lessons

Our free online piano lessons course happens every week, and it is open to students all around the world.


The idea is to propose an inexpensive way for people to get an approach to our tuition from London - UK and Galicia - Spain. 

There are tons of apps you can use to learn how to play the piano, but nothing compares to the magical connection one can develop with a real piano teacher. A bond that provides you with the best online piano lessons you could get.

If you are tempted to join us as a regular one-to-one student you can do so easily by getting in touch.

Start your piano lessons online now!

What do you need to join?

A piano or simple keyboard.

A tablet or computer with Zoom

That's all. 

What are we going to learn?

You will learn plenty of facts about Scaramuzza Technique and how we, teachers, use it!

Weekly Open Online Piano and Music Lessons

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Besides our piano lessons online, we share music knowledge with everyone, through our free online piano lessons in our Free Music College.

Every week we upload to our Youtube channel free online piano lessons on Harmony, Scaramuzza piano technique, Composition, Musical Analysis and more.

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Main information and most frequently asked questions

What makes WKMT online piano lessons UK utterly different from anything else available online?

WKMT is an international organization with schools in London UK and Galicia Spain. 


WKMT is one of London´s largest piano lesson provider.


Its experienced teachers have been providing lessons in this cosmopolitan capital since 2010.


WKMT events:

  1. Monthly educational concerts at St. Cuthbert´s Philbeach Gardens. These events are streamed and recorded so you can enjoy them. The concerts can also involve the WKMT orchestra, LAO.

  2. Masterclasses, face-to-face and online. We grant you access to our masterclasses through video conferencing.

  3. Intensive courses at the "Rectorate". The beautiful "La Gloria" the palatial WKMT European campus consistently welcomes students from all around the world for musical weeks.


The main difference between us and everyone else is that we are real!


Yes, we are an online lesson provider. 


Still, we are also a respectable face-to-face institution directed by Juan Jose Rezzuto, an international concert pianist, and established in London -in three different beautiful venues around the city: KensingtonCamberwell and Bermondsey  - and in Spain.


Your online lessons are delivered from our venues and in between our face to face lessons. 


We will teach you the same way we teach our face-to-face students on-site.


Our fantastic WKMT piano community app

our online piano lessons app

In the heart of our approach to online piano lessons is our WKMT app!


Our app allows students to:

  1. Communicate costlessly with their teachers

  2. Communicate between each other

  3. Post questions in our teacher forum

  4. Read and interact with our education blogs and publications


The use we make of our app is revolutionary! 


It allows students to clear any possible doubts they might have between lessons dramatically optimizing their progress!


Learn piano online: our website

Gisela Paterno, the director of WKMT Kensington, designed is an interactive syllabus that allows our students to track their progress through our foundation course.


The interface also contains all the selected learning material, including books, videos, diagrams and charts. is a potent tool as it allows us to secure the progress our students make in their lessons by clearly and professionally guiding the way they work at home.


Our interaction with students is personal

Even though your lessons are online, you will be able to reach your teachers and our administration easily and without any communication cost for you. 

You will have access to concerts, intensive courses in Europe and online group masterclasses. 

You will feel you have indeed entered a piano school, all from the comfort of your home. 


Are online piano classes any good?

We will all agree that online piano lessons are a VERY "new thing".


Piano lessons are face-to-face! -people say-


The reality is that only in the USA more than 2 million and a half students are taking online lessons -Sloane Consortium-


How can you take piano lessons without a piano teacher sitting next to you?!


The truth is that online piano lessons have come a long way since their humble beginnings. 


Still, there are many things to take into account before jumping into taking online lessons with the first piano teacher advertising online piano lessons you can find on the internet. 

So, What is the deal?!


Do online piano classes work?

Online piano lessons indeed work very well!


But there is a catch.


Online piano lessons are no different to face-to-face piano lessons. 


What do I mean?


I mean, if your piano teacher is good, it will make little difference to take face-to-face or online piano lessons with him, or vice-versa.


The same happens with the piano school you choose. 


If your piano lessons are backed up by a respectable and thriving institution, then your progress is guaranteed!

What are good online piano classes like?

Good piano lessons will integrate all aspects of music into your tuition. 


If you study under a truly experienced institution, you will feel almost no difference between taking online and face-to-face piano lessons.


  1. Your online piano lessons will follow a clear and certified study programme

  2. Your piano teacher will also be experienced and will belong to a team of respectable professionals

  3. Your online piano lessons should be exam-, or at least, goal-oriented

  4. You should be assessed by a top professional at least bi-annually

  5. You should have the option to visit the institution either for some face-to-face lessons or for an intensive course

  6. You should be able to access educational school concerts remotely

  7. You should be able to be immersed in school life as if you were there.