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Piano lessons for adults at WKMT

"Our piano lessons are a treat from beginning to end..."
Juan Rezzuto - Director -



Lessons can be delivered at any point Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm. 



Our team of piano teachers specialised in teaching adult students.



Our premises are stunning. All our rooms are finely furnished and our complimentary coffees and teas of the most exclusive brands.

Piano lessons for busy London Adults...

adult piano lessons

Learning Piano as an Adult

Our piano teaching approach gathers the knowledge from two big schools. On one side the “Vicente Scaramuzza” piano technique and on the other the British-best-piano-practices.
adult piano lessons
We believe in individuality. That’s why each student-piano-plan is different. We make sure you are motivated by each passage we work together on. ​That’s why each student-piano-plan is different. 
adult piano lessons
We only count with state-of-the-art instruments. Each of our pianos is connected to its own screen where you can visualise all your scores.
Our private cloud allows you to keep all your material safe while you can access it from anyplace at any time. We believe in individuality.

At WKMT the best piano lessons come together with the best musical hospitality in London. Our attention to detail is reflected on our amazing artisan drinks. Our tempting tea collections by Mariage Freres and Fortnum and Mason are a treat! Our espresso coffees are just a classic. We always count with the last released Nespresso-Grands-Crus to complement your piano lesson experience.

Piano lessons that are a treat...



Piano lessons for adults are diametrically different from lessons for children. Although the learning process is the same, adult life is full of responsibilities and balancing work and family with the learning of an instrument is the challenge our teachers will help you.



Not at all! An adult is not slower than a child because he makes up for his lack of time with the organization and previous knowledge. A child starts entirely from scratch.

An adult can focus more on the practice and can be more quickly aware of its shortcomings and its margin of progress, which is an advantage for both teacher and student.


Learning piano as an adult is similar to learning a foreign language. It takes time, and you don't see results right away. And as in sports, mindset is essential, since you do not have to give up, but carry on. Once the fundamental notions are acquired, an adult can progress more quickly than a child!