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Learning Piano as an Adult

Our piano teaching approach gathers the knowledge from two big schools. On one side the “Vicente Scaramuzza” piano technique and on the other the British-best-piano-practices.
We only count with state-of-the-art instruments. Each of our pianos is connected to its own screen where you can visualise all your scores.
We believe in individuality. That’s why each student-piano-plan is different. We make sure you are motivated by each passage we work together on. ​That’s why each student-piano-plan is different. 
Our private cloud allows you to keep all your material safe while you can access it from anyplace at any time. We believe in individuality.

An inspiring musical environment is a must! We put all our efforts in creating the best learning spaces. Your piano lessons at WKMT are delivered in rooms designed to be no less than an indulgence!

Our furniture and art collection reflects the commitment we put on welcoming you as you deserve. 

We are proud to have our doors open to new prospect students. Despite being the largest and busy piano practice in London, we are always happy to incorporate new members. We are proud of our big and well-consolidated musical community. 
Come to WKMT and learn piano while you indulge! The best tuition service in London yet.

The taste for classical piano music

by Juan Rezzuto, WKMT's founder



The taste for classical piano music can come to people in the age of maturity. Some adult piano students believe this means they are just too late to start learning to play the piano. Well, this can’t be farther from the truth…



Music is a social art. It only exists if people are willing to communicate using its language. Using the language of music doesn’t only mean playing a concert for a big audience. You can also use the language of music to describe your experience in relation to a concert you attended or to speak about an artist of your preference, for example. In other words, it is never late to become a music connoisseur.



When we start piano lessons at a later stage of our lives, we are giving ourselves the chance of getting to know the depths of our very own personalities. When we practise music we spend time on our own. We get to know our tolerance to failure much better than the regular professional and we also feel the rewarding effect of every learning success! When we practise music we experiment with representing our feelings using the language of music. Dynamics, rubatos, accents and the choice of tempo are just some of the infinite variables involved in the piano performance. All these variances become our composition tools. Using them, mature piano students can express their musical taste and their moods. Start playing piano in maturity can give us the chance of getting to know ourselves in a brand new and rejuvenating way.




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