Piano lessons in Hillingdon by WKMT

The best piano practice in London since 2010



WKMT team and his founder and director, Maestro Juan Rezzuto, bring their great experience to you. Develop your piano and musical skills guided by professionals.



Finely educated and equestrian rider, Juan Rezzuto has committed his life to performing and teaching the technique inherited from his international maestros.


Since he arrived to London, he has been strongly committed to help both students and musicians getting involved into the wonderful world of classical music.


WKMT is Hillingdon's best choice for piano lessons!

The closest WKMT studio to Hillingdon is, in fact, our headquarters in West Kensington.

Just 30 minutes distance by driving. Well located in West London by tube lines, bus lines and driving access.


WKMT, closer to you than any other piano studio in the city.



Opening times?


WKMT Kensington opens from 9 am to 9 pm.

Monday to Sunday.

We will provide you with piano lessons even on bank holidays.


There is no reason to stop your tuition!



Not feeling like getting out of home for your piano lessons?


We also offer bespoke home tuition piano programmes. One of our teachers will deliver your lessons at your home. Do not worry, you are still within WKMT family.

Just in order to introduce ourselves and assess you professionally, your first trial lesson would be conducted at WKMT Kensington. After this session and if you are happy with your experience, we can help you set up your membership.



What does WKMT have to offer?



WKMT is one of the largest piano studios in the UK. Your piano tuition at WKMT matches the highest international standards.  Our committed teachers are all unified under the same piano technique.


You can join a musical community, you can attend wonderful musical events such as master class, festivals and free concerts for you, your relatives and friends.


Join us and enjoy a great, motivational and inspiring atmosphere.


Piano lessons for everyone!


One of our commitments is getting everyone involved with the wonderful world of music and piano. Even if you have never played the piano before!

There are many reasons to learn how to play the piano than just becoming a musician.Playing the piano can help you managing stress better, igniting your creative processes and discovering the artist in you.

We are proud of our 100% rate of success in ABRSM grade examinations too.

Seeking for one to one piano lessons?



The process of learning music is very similar to starting a new relationship. Student and teacher need to understand each other.

Our WKMT teachers know everyone has a different learning style. Understanding what makes you enjoy your lessons is our main field of expertise.


When would you like to start?


Starting your piano lessons is very easy! Give us a call to 02071014479. We will help you to book your trial lesson.

You could visit our studio and try an introductory piano lesson with one of our teachers.


After that session, you decide!


Get in Touch and Request a Free Consultation




We are very happy to introduce our London Music Festival.


Time is a commodity that does not come cheap these days, and when our students invest their time in practice, we love rewarding them for all the effort they have made by giving them the opportunity to share their achievements and results of their hard work in the form of giving a live performance. They will have the chance to invite their friends and family while also getting inspired and motivated by the performance of their fellow students.


Everyone will be provided with a professional HQ audio and video recording of the full concert to share the experience with friends or to re-experience it in the comfort of your own house. Our studio specializes in producing professional Grand Piano Recordings for concert pianist and session artists. On this occasion, we will merge both of our branches into one single event so our students can enjoy the real benefits of studying in a well-equipped studio.


At WKMT, we truly believe in music as an essential skill for everyone. Not only for all those who want to become concert musicians and commit their entire lives to music, but also to all those willing of learning such a great art theoretically and practically speaking.

That's why our main responsibility is to keep our students active and motivated through different opportunities and activities. Our Music Festivals are the perfect choice to make them aware how important is to be fully focused on something to put it in practice in front of an audience. You don't really know what you feel skydiving until you jump off the plane. The same happens with music and piano.

How to get to WKMT studio

Driving Directions - Piano Tutor Hillingdon
From London Borough of Hillingdon:
1-  Drive from Lees Rd, Harlington Rd/A437, W Drayton Rd/B465 and Stockley Rd/A408 to West Drayton

10 min (3.1 mi)

2- Head south on The Dingle

325 ft

3- Turn right to stay on The Dingle

125 ft

4- Turn right onto Charville Ln W

476 ft

5- Turn right to stay on Charville Ln W

394 ft

6- Turn left onto Denziloe Ave

0.2 mi

7- Turn left onto Uxbridge Rd/A4020

0.1 mi

8- Turn right onto Lees Rd

0.3 mi

9- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Harlington Rd/A437

10- Go through 1 roundabout

0.3 mi

11- Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto W Drayton Rd/B465

0.5 mi

12- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Stockley Rd/A408

1.1 mi

13- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on Stockley Rd/A408

0.4 mi

14- Follow M4 to Great West Rd/A4 in London

10 min (8.0 mi)

15- Slight left (signs for C London/Heathrow Airport/M4 (E))

0.4 mi

16- Merge onto M4

7.6 mi

17- Follow A4 to your destination

9 min (3.3 mi)

18- Continue onto Great West Rd/A4

19- Continue to follow A4

1.1 mi

20- At Hogarth Roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Great West Rd Chiswick/A4

21- Continue to follow A4

2.1 mi

22- Turn right onto North End Rd/B317

282 ft

23- Turn left onto Beaumont Ave

174 ft

24- Turn right onto 40 Kensington Hall Gardens, W14 9LT.