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Piano lessons inWestminster by WKMT

Professional and established piano tuition since 2010



Interested in starting or re-starting your piano lessons? Always attracted by the indulgent world of classical music? 

Maestro Juan Rezzuto and his team of qualified piano teachers are ready to welcome you.


Established since 2010, WKMT welcomes students of all levels and ages. Our Buenos-Aires-born founder and director, Juan Rezzuto, is an active composer and concert pianist. Equestrian rider and pure blood Argentinian, Juan Rezzuto has committed his life to spreading the passion for music amongst his proteges.

Belonging to the world of classical music is a privilege and at WKMT we specialise in bringing it closer to our students.



Are the studios close to Westminster underground station?

We have three studios, one in Kensington W14 9LT, one in Bermondsey SE16 3UG and another one in Camberwell SE5 7NJ.

WKMT West Kensington is 20 minutes away from Westminster underground station on the District Line.  The same for our WKMT Bermondsey studio using Jubilee Line. WKMT Camberwell is just 12 minutes by bus from Westminster tube station.



What is your availability?

WKMT opens Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm



Do you deliver home tuition lessons as well?

Yes. Our team of professionally trained WKMT teachers deliver lessons both at our studios and at our students' addresses.


Where are your students mainly coming from?


Our music community is very international. We have students from all around the world and from very different backgrounds. We mainly teach lawyers, bankers, artists and professionals from different industries, all sharing a passion for learning classical music.  



How can I start my lessons?

It is very easy. First, you give us a call on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm so we can arrange your first appointment at our studios. If you are happy with the first appointment and you decide to continue, then we will help you choosing the lesson package that best fulfils your expectations. 

Will I only be attending individual piano lessons?

WKMT offers a fully rounded musical experience. By learning with us, you will gain access to a set of activities that guarantee a full and professional immersion in the world of music.

You will become an insider.

We believe our students need help to bring their sensitivity and taste for classical music to a different level. It is fascinating to see how experience changes the perception we have about what playing-in-front-of-an-audience implies. 
Music is a language and as such it develops quicker if we use it to communicate on a regular basis. At WKMT we train students to gain confidence. Confidence is essential in order to be able to play in front of an audience.

You will be constantly inspired by our tutors who perform for you every month in amazing venues. As a member of WKMT you gain complimentary access to our professional monthly concerts.

With a turnout of above 110 people, they constitute a perfect opportunity to socialise while you get motivated to push your boundaries forward.

Would you rather have a consultation first?

Please feel free to call us on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm. A qualified member of staff or maybe even, our director himself, is ready to help you arranging your first lesson with WKMT. Your opportunity to access the wonderful world of classical music is just one step away from you... 

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How to get to WKMT studios

Public Transport Directions - Piano lessons Westminster / Westminster underground station to WKMT Kensington
Westminster District Line - towards Richmond or Ealing Broadway
West Kensington Tube Station
Walk 50 secs to WKMT Kensington - 40 Kensington Hall Gardens, W14 9LT
Public Transport Directions - Piano lessons Westminster / Westminster underground station to WKMT Bermondsey
Westminster station Bridge street
Jubilee Line towards Stratford
Stopping at Bermondsey station
Walk 5 minutes until your destination SE16 3UG 242 Lucey Way, London



Public Transport Directions - Piano lessons Westminster / Westminster underground station to WKMT Camberwell
Westminster station Bridge street
Bus 148 towards Camberwell
Bowyer Place (Stop N)    
0.2 mi (4 mins)
WKMT Camberwell - 79 Brisbane Street - SE5 7NJ