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Piano lessons in Parsons Green by WKMT

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Looking for piano lessons in Parsons Green or nearby?


Maestro Juan Rezzuto works together with his team. They will create the ideal piano programme for you.

Our founder and director Juan Rezzuto has committed his life studying piano. His main passion: piano technique. He is an expert in motivating new prospective students. Promoting new artists is one of our main fields of expertise.  


How far is WKMT from Parsons Green?


Our closest branch is West Kensington. Barely 20 minutes distance, equally by tube or walking from Parsons Green. Just 10 minutes away by driving.


In case you work in South or East London, WKMT Camberwell is your best choice.



Our opening times?


We open Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Great and wide team to provide you with many different slots along the week.



Home tuition or lessons at our studios?


We host your trial lesson at WKMT Kensington. This first session allows you to see our premises and understand our teaching approach.

This induction will help us to set up what are going to be your medium/long term goals.

After this session, you can continue training at our studio or at your place. In either case, you will be taken care by one our experienced piano teachers.


How is the atmosphere at WKMT?


We are the largest piano practice in London. You will enjoy a multicultural, motivational and inspiring atmosphere.

You will have the chance of meeting students, teachers and people passionate about music. You will be able to gather and enjoy a multitude of specially organised events. Mainly aimed to assist your full musical immersion.


It is never too late!


Your first time learning piano?

You can make progress by committing yourself to practice on a regular basis.


We have have great experience teaching complete beginners and advanced students.


Will you only be taking one-to-one piano lessons?


Learning music is very similar to starting a new relationship. We need to get to know you so we can understand how you learn and what keeps you motivated.

At WKMT you learn how to play, enjoy, share and experience music!



How can you start taking lessons at WKMT?


You just need to call 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.


Our team will be at your disposal to help you to start your piano experience at WKMT.


Start your piano training with the most professional and experienced teachers in the city.


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NEWS from Parsons Green' Community


Proud of being a leading piano studio in London since 2011. Join an every time bigger musical community in London with plenty of things to do with, while being surrounded with art and music.


We are glad to see how our Parsons Green piano student base growing fast and steady. We got plenty of new applications from piano students beginners, intermediate and advance. All different ages. This last year seems to be the best Acton year for WKMT. We can attribute this growth to the fabulous performance of our piano teachers the easy connection from Parsons Green and West London to West Kensington tube station.


Join us like the rest of Parsons Green students and benefit from monthly concerts and regular bi-annual piano festivals.


How to get to WKMT studio

​Walking Directions - Piano Tutor Parsons Green
From Parsons Green:

1- Walk north-west towards Parsons Green

361 ft

2- Turn left onto Parsons Green

26 ft

3- Turn right to stay on Parsons Green

49 ft

4- Continue onto Parsons Green Ln

0.2 mi

5- Turn right onto Fulham Rd/A304

0.2 mi

6- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto North End Rd/A3219

7-Continue to follow North End Rd

0.4 mi

8- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Lillie Rd/A3218

43 ft

9-At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto North End Rd/B317

0.4 mi

10- Turn right onto Beaumont Ave

174 ft

11- Turn right onto Kensington Hall Gardens, 40. W14 9LT

Public Transport Directions - Piano teacher in Parsons Green
From Parsons Green:
1- Bus Line 28/391 to West Kensington stop T.
2- Walk North End Road towards Beaumont Avenue.
3- Turn right onto Kensington Hall Gardens, 40, W14 9LT