WKMT applies all its expertise to teaching jazz piano in London...


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Jazz piano lessons in London by WKMT

We welcome students of all ages and levels at both our Kensington and Camberwell studios



Have you been trying to find a good piano teacher in London? Have you fallen in love with Jazz piano music?  


Juan Rezzuto and his team of highly qualified piano teachers are ready to help you learning Jazz in the most enjoyable and effective way. 


Learning Jazz is about enjoying music at a different level.
Jazz is the most conversational form of musical art. It encourages us, performers, to improvise, to relax and to get truly and deeply into the flow of music. It is fabulous to see how, even from step one, Jazz allows us to explore the frontiers of what we like and even what we didn’t know we liked at all.

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Where is WKMT located?

WKMT is conveniently located in two different ends of the city: Kensington, in the west and Camberwell, in the south-east.  Both of WKMT studios are very easily accessible using public transport. WKMT Kensington, for example, is just 1 minute away from its nearest tube station. 


When can I choose to take my jazz piano lessons at WKMT?

WKMT opens Monday to Sunday9am to 9pm


Can WKMT organize home tuition lessons for me?

WKMT has been delivering quality piano lessons “at home” since its opening in 2010. The main difference between WKMT and any other studio is in how well trained our piano teachers are. We only send home teachers that also teach at our studios.

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How to organize my first jazz piano lesson at WKMT?


Easy! You just need to give us a call on 02071014479, one of our team members will be very happy to answer your questions and book your first appointment. 

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Will you only be taking one-to-one piano lessons?


Learning how to play the piano is not just about coming for one-to-one piano lessons. The process of learning music is very similar to starting a new relationship. We need to get to know and understand the other person. In this case, that person is yourself. 

Our monthly complimentary member concerts, festivals, masterclasses and group sessions enrich your lessons in just the perfect way.


At WKMT you learn how to play, enjoy, share and experience music!


What sort of students can apply for lessons at WKMT?


We deliver jazz piano lessons for adults, for beginners, for intermediate and for children. In other words, we welcome students of all levels and ages.

Would you like to enquire further?

Please, don’t hesitate in calling us on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm; a member of our team will be happy to answer all your questions.

You are just one step away from your musical adventure... 

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