Piano lessons in Hampstead by WKMT

Teaching the art of the piano in London since 2010





Our Buenos-Aires-born founder and director, Maestro Juan Rezzuto, is delighted to welcome you at his beautiful Kensington studio. His team of 20 highly qualified and carefully selected professionals are ready to make your lessons something to look forward to.


WKMT opened its doors in 2010. Our finely educated director is an active composer and concert pianist. Equestrian rider and pure blood Argentinian, Juan Rezzuto brings to UK one of the most prestigious piano techniques. Since 2010 he has helped many artists and students from around the world to make their first steps into the wonderful world of Classical Music.





Where is WKMT located?

WKMT owns two studios:

West Kensington, which would be closer to Hampstead, and Camberwell, being South London.

Both are very well connected by different tube lines and near to Underground stations, bus and car parking.



What is WKMT availability like?


We are proud of our availability.

We are always ready to help you to book your lessons at any time, Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Our professional admin team will be available to help you with your enquiries and doubts.


Does WKMT deliver home tuition as well?


We conduct our first induction/assessment lesson after which you can continue with your lessons at your home or work premises.

We have professional teachers available to provide you with piano lessons anytime at your home.



How is the student community like at WKMT?


WKMT welcomes a wonderful and international community of people. From lawyers, bankers, artists to established professionals from different industries.


Everyone shares the passion for learning classical music!


WKMT tuition approach implies only taking one-to-one lessons?


Your one-to-one piano lessons are just a part of the musical experience created by WKMT.

Music needs to be developed in all its three main aspects: we need to understand it, we need to appreciate it and we need to create it.

When you come for your lessons we teach you how to understand the intrinsic technical and spiritual world of musical aesthetics.


Then, we grant you access to our high profile monthly concerts. These are members exclusive events intended to guarantee you are constantly and consistently inspired by our senior professionals.

Finally, we train you to perform in front of a proper silent audience. Our Music Festivals established student events that happen within fabulous premises around central and greater London.




Would you like to enquire further?


Please, don’t hesitate in calling us on 02071014479 or email us to secretariat@wkmt.co.uk

Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.


A member of our team will be very happy to answer all your questions.

You are just one step away from your musical adventure.


Get in Touch and Request a Free Consultation



Time is a commodity that does not come cheap these days, and when our students invest their time in practice, we love rewarding them for all the effort they have made by giving them the opportunity to share their achievements and results of their hard work in the form of giving a live performance. They will have the chance to invite their friends and family while also getting inspired and motivated by the performance of their fellow students.


Everyone will be provided with a professional HQ audio and video recording of the full concert to share the experience with friends or to re-experience it in the comfort of your own house. Our studio specialises in producing professional Grand Piano Recordings for concert pianist and session artists. On this occasion, we will merge both of our branches into one single event so our students can enjoy the real benefits of studying in a well-equipped studio.


At WKMT, we truly believe in music as an essential skill for everyone. Not only for all those who want to become concert musicians and commit their entire lives to music, but also to all those willing of learning such a great art theoretically and practically speaking. That's why our main responsibility is to keep our students active and motivated through different opportunities and activities. Our Music Festivals are the perfect choice to make them aware how important is to be fully focused on something to put it in practice in front of an audience. You don't really know what you feel skydiving until you jump off the plane. The same happens with music and piano.


Your piano lessons in Hampstead in good hands with the leading piano studio.

How to get to WKMT studio

Public Transport Directions - Piano teacher in Hamsptead
From Hampstead Station to WKMT Kensington:
1- Northern line towards Kennington
2- Stop at Leicester Square station
3- Change line to Piccadilly Line, towards Heathrow
4- Stop at Barons Court station
5- Walk to W14 9LT, 5mins.
Driving Directions - Piano Tutor in Hampstead
From Hampstead station:
1- Take B511, A41, Harrow Rd/A404, Westway/A40 ... and North End Rd/B317 to Beaumont Ave

2- Head east on Hampstead High St/A502towards Greenhill

3- Turn right onto Prince Arthur Rd

4- Turn left onto Fitzjohn's Ave/B511

5- Continue to follow B511

6- B511 turns slightly left and becomes Avenue Road/A41

7- Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Adelaide Rd/A41

8- Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Finchley Rd/A41

9- Turn right onto Grove End Rd

10- Turn left onto Grove End Rd/B507

11- Turn right onto Hall Rd

12- Continue onto Sutherland Ave

13- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Warrington Cres

14- Continue onto Warwick Ave

15- Merge onto Harrow Rd/A404

16- Turn right towards Harrow Rd/A404

17- Use any lane to turn right onto Harrow Rd/A404

18- Turn left onto Lord Hills Bridge/B411

19- Continue to follow B411

20- Turn left onto Gloucester Terrace/Porchester Square

21- Slight left towards Westway/A40 (signs for Oxford/Wembley/Ealing/A40)

22- Merge onto Westway/A40

23- Use the left lane to take the A3220 slip road to Hammersmith/Shepherd's Bush/White City/Earls Court

24- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto W Cross Rte/A3220

25- At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Holland Rd/A3220

26- Continue to follow A3220

27- Turn right onto Kensington High St/A315

28- Continue to follow A315

29- Turn left onto North End Rd/B317

30- Parts of this road may be closed at certain times or on certain days

31- Continue on Beaumont Ave to your destination

32- Turn right onto 40 Kensington Hall Gardens, W14 9LT