Piano lessons for Beginners

WKMT specializes in delivering enthusiastic piano lessons for beginners of all ages



Do I need to be exceptionally gifted to be able to learn how to play the piano?



You will discover your talent while developing your skills. You just need to be motivated and enthusiastic about learning.


How many lessons a week do I need?


Ideally two 45 minute sessions a week.

Alternatively, you can take one 60-minute lesson a week.


How long does it take to get an idea of how to play the piano?


With 12 hours of lessons, you can, at least, get the basics.

It is good to remark that playing the piano is a lifetime commitment. There is always room for improvement...

The time spent in learning mainly depends on the student’s commitment and abilities.


How can I speed up the process?


By studying more and more committedly


Do I need to practise?




How much do I need to practise?


At least 20-30 minutes every day with one day off every week.

-you need to miss the instrument at least once a week-


Shall I read something about playing the piano?


Yes. It always helps.


Where can I find resources?


You have plenty of fresh available at our BLOG

We publish articles on a regular basis, sometimes even daily!

Keep an eye on our social media.

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Am I too old to start?



The piano can be approached at any point in our lives.

Our skills can always improve regardless how young or old we are when we started.

If we are passionate enough we will enjoy the pleasure of uninterrupted and constant learning.



Is my child old enough to start?


We start training children as young as 2 years old



What’s the study programme like for a beginner?


Since 2011 we apply our specific approach to our beginner students.

You can check the contents of our first lesson and the first level at our BLOG. 


Can I take lessons at different days and times from one week to another?



We offer a full-flexible booking system for busy adults.

This means you can book different days and times from one week to the next one.



Can I take the lessons at the studio?



You can choose to come to our Kensington, Bermondsey or to our Camberwell studios



Can I take my lessons at home?



We deliver home-tuition lessons for all London, zones 1-6



Do I need to have a piano at the beginning?



The only way to be happy with your performance preparation is to practice as much as you can. Then, when you finished, start over again!

Juan Rezzuto


What are the related benefits of learning how to play the piano?

Broadens vocabulary

Improves neural connections

Foster hand/eye coordination

Increases human growth hormone

Split concentration

Inspires creativity

Reduces Stress

Improves concentration

Do I need to purchase an expensive piano to be able to practise properly?



You can find good instruments for as little as £250.


What will I get from learning piano?


It is proven that learning piano increases your IQ. How? by pushing your boundaries. You will learn how to deal with more than one stream of information at the same time. 



Are the teachers fully qualified?


We only recruit the highest qualified individuals.



What are the studying plans for beginners?


You can check our studying plans at: Level I, Level II


How do I pay my fees?


You can pay lessons in packages in single payments or direct debits.

Piano lessons for beginners - REMARKS


As a matter of fact, piano lessons can produce three different type of graduate students:

* Concert Pianists

* Music Teachers

* Music Connoisseurs

Luckily, the three type of graduates benefits from the same type of training.

A proper musical training requires teachers to work on three different dimensions of piano learning:

* The mastering of the skill = the piano lesson

* The gaining of perspective = collegiate concerts

* The performance skill = when the students perform in front of an audience. 


WKMT takes care professionally of all three aspects of learning. The gaining of perspective is developed through WKMT monthly Classical Concerts -these events are organised to happen always in listed buildings.  The performance skill is trained during our bi-annual Music Festivals.


Summarizing, the only way to ignite the passion for classical music is to make sure all our students explore and enjoy everything music has to offer. 


Come to WKMT and start experiencing the truly magical world of learning Classical Piano Music.


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