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Budget Dual lessons £19.90 x 60 minutes

Cheap piano lessons London - learn at WKMT

The best and most affordable piano lessons in London

NOTE: The only reason we call this post Cheap Piano lessons is because we discovered this is the way you typed in google. All you will see below proofs our budget lessons are organized to provide you with top quality piano tuition at a very accessible budget price.

With the experience obtained after working with adult and children beginner students since 2010, we are now confident enough to offer a very educationally efficient budget option for those who would like to start learning in a more economically relaxed way. We are here to prove that cheap piano lessons can be a chance for everyone to access our premium piano tuition service. 

Cheap piano lessons at WKMT – All the expertise of WKMT now available on a budget Dual Piano Lesson Option!



The lessons are shared between two students of the same level and age group. Mainly beginners
The lessons will happen at a regular slot arranged based on both students’ availability
The lessons are never cancelled by the studio
The lessons follow a very clear programme to ensure results are achieved in a well-defined time frames

The piano lessons are organized entirely by WKMT's studio PA. After signing up you can expect a minimum of one week and a maximum of three weeks for the lesson dates to be confirmed. After the starting date is settled the course is not interrupted until its completion. The budget / “cheap piano lessons” option, as you typed on google, is fully and professionally catered by WKMT.

Studio PA - Scheduling


Same level and age group

We believe it is fundamental to match our students so they are at a compatible learning level. In addition to the latter, belonging to the same age range fosters integration and networking. For these reasons, your budget / cheap piano lessons are organized so educational consistency can be preserved and enhanced by sharing the sessions with a fellow student.

Highly enjoyable proposal

As always our piano lessons give you the chance not only to learn with the most highly qualified and committed teachers in London, but also they are framed within a wonderful arty environment that is both indulgent and inspiring. The best possible espressos and artisan drinks are available as part of the tuition service in an attempt to enhance your learning experience. 

All studio member benefits are preserved with your “cheap piano lessons” subscription

By joining the studio through our dual lesson subscription we grant you access to almost all studio benefits excluding the full flexible booking system. 
You will have access to our London Music Festivals, London Masterclasses and Private Classical Concerts in all cases and at special rates when it corresponds.  

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