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In case you live in Notting hill or nearby, this is your piano studio.


Our Buenos-Aires-born founder and director, Maestro Juan Rezzuto, is delighted to welcome you at his beautiful Kensington studio. His team of 20 highly qualified and carefully selected professionals are ready to make your lessons something to look forward to...


WKMT opened its doors in 2010. Our finely educated director is an active composer and concert pianist. Equestrian rider and pure blood Argentinian, Juan Rezzuto brings to London one of the most prestigious piano techniques. Since 2010 he has helped many artists and students from around the world to make their first steps into the wonderful world of Classical Music.





Where is WKMT located?


Our closest studio to Notting Hill is WKMT Kensington.

Just 30 minutes walk, and barely 15 minutes away by car or tube.

One studio, four rooms and five pianos, fully available for you to enjoy your piano lessons.




What is WKMT availability like?


We are proud of our availability.

We are always ready to help you to book your lessons at any time, Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Our team of twenty professional teachers will make it easier.



Does WKMT deliver home tuition as well?


We deliver Home Tuition lessons!

We conduct our first induction/assessment lesson at our studio in West Kensington, after which you can continue with your lessons at your home or work premises.



How is the student community like at WKMT?


WKMT welcomes a wonderful and international community of people. From lawyers, bankers, artists to established professionals from different industries.

Everyone shares one single passion: classical music.


WKMT tuition approach implies only taking one-to-one lessons?


Music needs to be developed in all its three main aspects: we need to understand it, we need to appreciate it and we need to create it.

When you come for your lessons we teach you how to understand the intrinsic technical and spiritual world of musical aesthetics.


Then, we grant you access to our high profile monthly concerts. These are members exclusive events intended to guarantee you are constantly and consistently inspired by our senior professionals.

Finally, we train you to perform in front of a proper silent audience.

Our London Music Festivals established student events that happen within fabulous premises around central and greater London.




Would you like to enquire further?


Please, don't hesitate in calling us on 02071014479 or email us on

Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.


A member of our team will be very happy to help you


You are just one step away from your musical adventure...


Get in Touch and Request a Free Consultation


WKMT and its own Piano Beginners Course - Learn Music


It was a pleasure to welcome our team for a long time delayed presentation.


Gisela Paterno our WKMT Kensington director has presented the most effective and yet comprehensive teaching process designed for WKMT beginner piano students 8 years +.


The main grace of this method is that it guarantees our students go through a proper foundational course before landing on the GRADE 1 syllabus.


One big challenge

One of the biggest challenges consisted in integrating the educational trip of this particular method with the assessment points proposed by our pre-grade levels. In this “beta” version, we used Bartok as the measuring tool to understand when to execute the three assessment points. Later on, the method will have the three milestones correctly marked by Gisela herself.


How to implement the method?

At this stage, we will apply the theoretical part of the method until lesson 9. From that point on we will continue by applying the auxiliary PDF included in the same folder.


Does this method replace WKMT’s pre-grade system?

Not really. It complements it and enhances it. It provides much more and better instructions on how to approach and resolve the challenges proposed by the pre-grade different syllabuses.


Why is it so much better?

Because it interacts with the student in a much more “up-to-date” way. Gisela designed the process in such a manner that the contents delivered per session are clearly differentiated and wisely compartmented. The latter helps our students feeling more rewarded while they constantly accomplish small objectives which have a clear beginning and a clear end.


How many subjects -called lessons- should we deliver to our students in each session?

The answer to this question is fabulous: as much as you believe is right. We can also say, as much as each student can successfully take. The heavy partitioning of the syllabus encourages our teachers to truly adapt the content to each student’s need, never pushing the boundaries too hard and making sure we encourage the gifted to move fast at the same time.


What is the purpose of applying a process like this one?

The main purpose is to provide team teachers with a solid framework. WKMT operates as a “super pedagogue” that transcends individualities. That means that our teacher team is constantly working together to create this entelechy, which takes care of our students beyond our individual abilities and limitations.


Gisela Paterno’s process summarizes 8 years of teaching, learning, leading and compiling the experiences of both teachers and students. In that way, it is a state-of-the-art tailored made teaching approach which is exclusive of our practice and constantly develops itself.  




Juan Rezzuto

Founder & Director WKMT

How to get to WKMT studio

Driving Directions - Piano Tutor in Notting Hill
From Notting Hill Gate Tube Station:
1. Head west on Notting Hill Gate/A402 towards Pembridge Rd/A4206
2. Continue to follow A402

3. Continue on Holland Park. Take Abbotsbury Rd to Addison Rd/A3220

4.Turn left onto Holland Park

5. Turn left onto Abbotsbury Rd

6. Turn right onto Oakwood Ct

7. Take A315 and North End Rd/B317 to Beaumont Ave

8. Turn left onto Addison Rd/A3220

9. Turn right onto Kensington High St/A315

10. Continue to follow A315

11. Turn left onto North End Rd/B317

12. Continue on Beaumont Ave to your destination

13. Turn left onto Beaumont Ave

14. Turn right 40 Kensington Hall Gardens, W14 9LT

Public Transport Directions - Piano teacher in Notting Hill
1. From Notting Hill Gate tube station, District Line towards Wimbledon/Richmond.
2. Get off at West Kensington tube station.
Alternatively, Bus Line 28 will take you to West Kensington.