Piano lessons South East London 

by WKMT London


Wonderful premises, quality professionals and ten years of experience teaching piano in London do not come together with high prices.
On the contrary, our rates are very competitive; we have a package to suit any financial situation.
Compared to any other piano studio in London, our rates are very competitive. You will belong to a real music community with plenty of musical activities and events in London such as classical concerts for your and relatives and friends, music festivals for you to perform and be recorded, piano masterclasses with professionals, etc.
Nothing in London compared to all what we offer.


The same easy-booking system we use in Kensington is now available in Bermondsey and in Camberwell.
Book your lesson in a block or week by week so it fits your busy diary.
We know that you might be busy, and we try that the lessons do not interrupt your diary, for that reason we are open Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm for you to help you accommodate your piano lessons at your convenience.
Continuity is the most important feature of your piano studies. For that reason, we offer you all the facilities to make sure you never miss a slot from week to week.
As easy as calling to the office or sending us an email requesting a lesson according to your availability.


We tried our best to provide a creative environment where our students feel both comfortable and inspired.
It is very important for us to know our students feel at home and contained while learning.
Everyone who has passed along WKMT Studios have fallen in love with them.
We wouldn't like to offer a standard music school features, for that reason all our studios look like real homes, just because we would like you to feel at home, with high-quality facilities, surrounded by art and antiques.
We also make sure our musical instruments are up to the standards and all the material needed available to our students from lesson 1.


We have been preparing ABRSM 
and Trinity College examinations since 2011.

Our focus is defined by Scaramuzza’s Technique and legacy. We blend his superlative approach with the best British practices.


Training how to play piano allows us to share our feelings towards music with other individuals. We can’t conceive training students that will never be capable of playing confidently. Our training is designed to bulk you up as a performer. All our piano students are motivated to play in front of an audience.

Our Piano teachers know how to set the foundations for a solid piano education. Either by following the Grade examination syllabus efficiently or by organizing a tailored piano training course; we always reach our goals! .



Learning Piano Has Never Been so Easy

Piano Lessons South East London is our most recent endeavour.

We believe quality piano lessons should be accessible to all London piano students and not only to West London families. For that reason we took the non-traditional decision of branching towards South East London.


All our expertise, the best teachers of our West London piano practice are now at the reach of South-Eastenders.


Check our two studios in South East in: Camberwell and Bermondsey Areas.




By joining WKMT Community, you will not only learn piano lessons from professional teachers, but also you will join a real community with more than ten years of experience in London and worldwide. A private piano school that has succeeded and stand for the years. Always preparing our team and our programmes to be ready and accessible to anyone in the community, and that way learn piano the proper way.


Learning piano should not mean just having one hour per week, but also create a world within the tuition and provide with a full experience to the students. That is the only way to fully understand music and being able to play it fully from heart.


On the other hand, Piano Technique is also fundamental, therefore is being given a preponderant role within our lessons. We will start by clarifying how our hand and body should ideally interact with the instrument. We will build up a strong and symbiotic relationship between ourselves and this otherwise external device: the piano.

We know how to ignite the passion for piano playing and we are 100% committed to succeed on it. 


If you are looking to start a real training with top-notch piano teachers and performers, do not hesitate and get in touch with us to 02071014479 MON to SUN 9am to 9pm. Our team will help you find the perfect slot for your piano lessons in London. 

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