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Piano lessons Dulwich by WKMT

Best Rates
Unbelievable rates for a London premium piano practise. We believe in integration and that is reflected in our very accesible prices.
Full Flexible Booking
The easist most flexible way to book your lessons. Any time Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm
Best Environment
Superlative premises. Music should be inspiring and we know how to make sure you love the time you spend learning piano with us...
Grade Examinations
ABRSM and Trinity College exams are no mistery for us. If you want to make sure you succeed at your grade examinations, then we are the place for you.

Learning piano has never been so exciting




Our East London Branch is just 3 miles from Charing Cross, 2 miles from Tate Britain and is easily accessible using public transport. Our nearest Tube stations are Elephant and Castle – Northern Line Zone 1 and Denmark Hill train Station. 


We are just off Burgess Park and 2 mins from Camberwell Green. We are located 15 mins by bus from the houses of parliament -Westminster Station-, 5 mins by bus from Elephant and Castle station and 15 mins walk from Denmark Hill station -overground-.

Our Camberwell Branch fully equipped and ready for your piano lessons:



Since we open our piano studio for South London students, Camberwell has stepped up as one of the most famous piano studios in the South of this great city.

We work hard to provide our students with quality piano lessons, and for that reason, we created our own piano programme in which we include:

- Piano skills acquired during your piano lessons.

- Listening skills: WKMT organises monthly Classical concerts in which our teachers and musicians perform for our members/students. That way they can develop skills needed to be able to know and analyse pieces/composers.

- Performing skills: In this stage, the student will become an experienced pianist. Because what is better for a musician/student than performing in front of an audience? WKMT makes that possible for all our students with our Music Festivals in London.


For more information, visit our tabs Classical concerts and Music Festivals.

WKMT is looking forward to guiding you through your piano adventure.




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