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Piano lessons  for kids at WKMT

Below, your main questions answered straight to the point...

Is your child old enough to start learning piano?


Piano lessons are suitable for children of at least 2 years old.



Why not younger?


Because they need to have developed at least the most basic language skills.



How many lessons a week?


Until they turn 6 years old, we recommend taking 2 x 30-minute lessons a week



How long are the lessons?


The lessons are at least 30 minutes long.


Some kids develop their focusing skills at an earlier age.


In these cases, lessons can take up to 60 minutes.




What are your fees?


We offer some of the most competitive fees in London.

Lessons prices start from £18.00 per half an hour session.

Depending on the London Studio chosen.



Should my kid practice at home?



Without your help, your child will never make it.


We recommend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day.




Where are you based?


We have three studios in three different areas:


Kensington, Bermondsey and Camberwell



Do you do home tuition?





Are we too far for home tuition?


We cover London Zones 1 to 6



What’s your availability?


Our piano lessons for children can be organised to happen throughout weekdays or weekends.


We deliver lessons Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Now some general information...

At WKMT we offer premium piano tuition services backed up with 5 years of experience. We are the largest and more successful private piano practise in London.


Our piano approach is founded on the “Vicente Scaramuzza Piano technique" and the best British Piano practices. 

Grade Examinations
Best environment
Full Flexible Booking
Best Hourly Rates

We have a 100% rate of success at training GRADE examinations since 2011.


We send dozens of students each exam season!with the learning process.


At WKMT music training is fully rounded.

We not only prepare our students to success in their board examinations we also run our own established Music Festivals. they always happen in spectacular London venues like Burgh House and involve several activities.


Their main feature is that all performances are professionally recorded! Our students’ performances are treated seriously. You can check their feedback at WEST KENSINGTON MUSIC FESTIVALS. Piano lessons for kids - London

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