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Looking for piano lessons in Marylebone?


Maestro Juan Rezzuto, works together with his team. They will create the ideal piano programme for you.

Our founder and director Juan Rezzuto has committed his life to study piano. His main passion: piano technique. He is an expert in motivating new prospective students. Promoting new artists is one of our main fields of expertise.​ 


How far is WKMT from Marylebone?


Our closest branch is West Kensington. Barely 25 minutes driving or 30 minutes by tube from Marylebone.

In case you work in South or East London, WKMT Camberwell is your best choice.



Our opening times?


We open Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.



Home tuition or lessons at our studios?


We host your trial lesson at WKMT Kensington. This first session allows you to see our premises and understand our teaching approach.

This induction will help us to set up what are going to be your medium/long term goals.

After this session, you can continue training at our studio or at your place. In either case, you will be taken care by one our experienced piano teachers.


How is the atmosphere at WKMT?


We are the largest piano practice in the city. You will enjoy a multicultural, motivational and inspiring atmosphere.

You will have the chance of meeting students, teachers and people passionate about music. You will be able to gather and enjoy a multitude of specially organised events. Mainly aimed to assist your full musical immersion.


It is never too late!


Your first time learning piano?

You can make progress by committing yourself to practice on a regular basis.


We have have great experience teaching complete beginners and advanced students.


Will you only be taking one-to-one piano lessons?


Learning music is very similar to starting a new relationship. We need to get to know you so we can understand how you learn and what keeps you motivated.

At WKMT you learn how to play, enjoy, share and experience music!



How can you start taking lessons at WKMT?


You just need to call 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Our team will be at your disposal to help you to start your piano experience at WKMT.


Get in Touch and Request a Free Consultation

WKMT Piano Studios are fully equipped and ready for your piano lessons:



Since we open, we have stepped up as one of the most famous piano studios in this great city.

We work hard to provide our students with quality piano lessons, and for that reason, we created our own piano programme in which we include:


- Piano skills acquired during your piano lessons.


- Listening skills: WKMT organises monthly Classical concerts in which our teachers and musicians perform for our members/students. That way they can develop skills needed to be able to know and analyse pieces/composers.


- Performing skills: In this stage, the student will become an experienced pianist. Because what is better for a musician than performing in front of an audience? WKMT makes that possible for all our students with our Music Festivals. We are now in 2018 with our VII edition, where students and parties join a great event fully catered and professionally recorded in listed venues such as Pushkin House, in Fitzrovia.


For more information, visit our tabs Classical concerts and Music Festivals.


WKMT is looking forward to guiding you through your piano adventure in London.



How to get to WKMT studio

​Driving Directions - Piano Tutor Marylebone
From Marylebone, The Landmark London Hotel, 222 Marylebone Rd, London, Greater London NW1 6JQ, United Kingdom.
1. Head east on Marylebone Rd/A501 toward Great Central St,30 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Great Central St, 351 ft
3. Take the 1st left onto Melcombe Pl, 328 ft
4. Turn left onto Harewood Ave, 390 ft
5. Turn right onto Marylebone Rd/A501, 0.2 mi
6. Continue onto Marylebone Flyover/A40. Continue to follow A40, 2.3 mi
7. Take the A3220 ramp to Hammersmith/Shepherd's Bush/White City/Earls Court, 0.2 mi
8. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto W Cross Route/A3220. Continue to follow A3220. Go through 1 roundabout, 1.3 mi
9. Turn right onto Addison Rd/A3220, 0.2 mi
10. Take the 2nd right onto Kensington High St/A315. Continue to follow A315, 0.3 mi
11. Turn left onto North End Rd/B317, 0.5 mi
12. Turn left onto Beaumont Crescent, 217 ft
13. Take the 1st left onto Gibbs Green Close, 85 ft
14. Turn left. Destination will be on the right, 200 ft
15. West Kensington Music Team Studio: London W14 9LT UK         
Public Transport Directions - Piano teacher in Marylebone
From Marylebone  Station.
1. Walk to Edgware Road. About 6 mins (0.3 mi)
2. Edgware Road.  District Line Underground  towards Wimbledon  (12 mins, 5 stops)
3. Earl's Court District Line Underground towards Richmond, (2 mins, 1 stop)
4. Walk to London W14 9LS, UK 3 mins (0.1 mi)
5. West Kensington Music Team Studio: London W14 9LT UK
Walking Directions - Piano teacher in Marylebone
From Marylebone Sstation
1. Head south on Great Central St toward Marylebone Rd/A501,  49 ft
2. Turn right onto Marylebone Rd/A501, 0.2 mi
3. Turn left onto Old Marylebone Rd/A501, 0.2 mi
4. Continue onto Sussex Gardens/A4209. Continue to follow A4209, 0.5 mi
5. Turn right onto A402, 98 ft
6. Turn left onto Lancaster Terrace/A402, 463 ft
7. Sharp left onto Bayswater Rd/A402, 89 ft
8. Turn right, 167 ft
9. Turn right, 43 ft
10. Turn left toward Victoria Rd, 0.5 mi
11. Slight right toward Victoria Rd, 0.2 mi
12. Turn left onto Victoria Rd, 0.3 mi
13. Turn right onto Cottesmore Gardens , 0.1 mi
14. Turn left onto Stanford Rd, 0.1 mi
15. Turn right onto Cornwall Gardens, 135 ft
16. Continue straight onto Cornwall Gardens Walk, 226 ft
17. Turn right toward Lexham Gardens, 164 ft
18. Turn left onto Lexham Gardens, 0.1 mi
19. Turn right onto Cromwell Rd/A4, 0.8 mi
20. Turn left onto North End Rd/B317, 279 ft
21. Turn left onto Beaumont Ave, 174 ft
22. Turn right. Destination will be on the left, 112 ft
23. West Kensington Music Team Studio: London W14 9LT UK