WKMT Piano Festivals: Musical Practice and live performance

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I can’t play in front of people”, “At home I could play it perfectly”, “My nerves don’t allow me to play in front of an audience

How many times did we hear this during our piano lessons?

As a piano teacher in WKMT studio, I have heard it many times. But why this happens to our Piano students?

One common symptom is the inability to play the Piano lesson pieces when the teacher (or anyone else) is listening. When an audience is present, these students tend to make strange errors that they didn’t make during “practice” when they were alone. This happens because they practiced without regard for music but suddenly realized that musical expression must now be added because someone is listening. Unfortunately, until lesson time, they had actually never really practiced musically.

So, how musicians produce this musical expression needed to perform live and engage their audience? Whether we compose music or play an instrument, music should start and emanate from the performer’s brain. After all, what is most important to play music? The brains or the finger? Who command who?

Finger muscles follows direct orders from our brains, this is proved true as any finger movement is originated from a nerve impulse in the brain.

In order to deliver a performance, no matter if for an audition, an exam or a festival, both musicality and technique require accuracy and control.

But how? The process starts in our minds, all the notes, all the music starts by imagining it, then the brain generates the impulses that will go to our fingers, and then finally, the physical sound will emerge.

Many Piano students make the mistake of thinking that the fingers control the music and they wait for the piano to produce that gorgeous sound. This will result in a flat performance and unpredictable results. The music must originate in the mind and the pianist must coax the piano to produce what the student wants.

Do not miss our next Music Festival in London this June 15th in St Cuthbert's Earls Court. The perfect chance for you to perform live in a fantastic venue with WKMT.

VIII WKMT Music Festival - 17.11.2018

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