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WKMT Children Ensemble

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

A few weeks ago something great happened in WKMT studio.

The WKMT Children Ensemble was created!

This new project welcomes children of any age and level. The idea behind this program is based on the strong belief that the formation in the collective music experience is something that every student should do from an early age.

As there participation will allow the performers to develop several concepts as orchestral customs, topics as taking roles in an arts organization, learning the basics of conducting, how to follow a conductor and playing among peers. Playing within a group certainly develops completely different skills than playing as a soloist or just with your teacher. This activity will aid to improve and potentiate the aptitudes of any musician. The participation in our ensemble will involve performing in live concerts (currently we are preparing our very first concert on December 8th), chamber music works, acquiring orchestral notions and how to apply all the knowledge previously learned into a group experience.

We count on piano, violin, cello, clarinet and some percussion instruments. The applications are still open, so we are still welcoming more students who would love to join a great little orchestra to perform in London.

While preparing our exams, or practicing our instrument, we spend long hours playing the same pieces, and despite being constructive and necessary, it can also have a hidden side effect which can go in detriment of our sight-reading improvement. The ensemble is a huge asset in this matter and will certainly help in the performers exams as well. In the WKMT Ensemble, we sight-read new pieces every rehearsal to develop the skill of the orchestral reading, very important for the formation of future orchestral musicians.

In every musical group, there are different roles for the different players. We work intensively in the layers of the ensemble to reach the best sound possible. There is no background and foreground only. Playing together involves the embracing and the binding of all the musicians into a thick tangle of different tones. This concept will arise in the bowing, the different articulations, the internal tempo, the phrasing, and will boost the abilities of the instrumentalists in any situation.

The instruction in the ensemble playing is additionally helpful to acquire stamina and perseverance which will help when studying alone, as the weekly effort will be shown on public performances, recorded and filmed professionally by WKMT studio. The musical benefits are not the only element a young musician can receive into the ensemble. Being involved into this project will develop social skills and character, moreover builds a strong sense of achievement by sense of unity within a group: music is sharing an experience and the common pride of belonging to a community. All the concepts trained here are transferable to life: commitment, discipline, aiming for perfection, camaraderie and group effort. Thanks to our friendly environment during rehearsals, kids can release the pressure and feel satisfaction and self-realization. It’s a moment of the week any music student expects to arrive!

This Saturday, our premiere will be on St. Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens SW5 9EB at 5.00 pm. The first chance to show to the world the work of our young performers. Ando also in our next Music Festival, the IX Edition!

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