Does my child need to practice during the Christmas holidays?

Updated: Apr 6

Finally, it is Christmas time, and we are all looking forward to our holidays. I am very often asked that question: “Does my child need to practice during the holidays?

It depends on one willing to spend some time at the piano or doing some music theory books. A couple of weeks away from the instrument won`t harm anyone and it might be beneficial to increase one`s motivation to come back to the daily practice routine during term time. Many people go to places where a piano is not accessible, but technology can be the solution to avoid a holiday entirely music free — our smartphones, tablets, and WI-FI easy access all over the world we can keep on using our ABRSM app to keep on improving our Sight reading, Aural Test and even theory. As for practising, if you are really determined to take advantage of the holidays to develop your skills there are various solutions: hire a digital instrument, hire a practise room in a piano shop (there some piano shops that offer this service) or if you really don`t want to stay away from your instrument I saw this foldable keyboard that you roll like a yoga mattress, and you are ready to rock. Well, I guess you can`t build up fingers strength as the keys weight seems to be kept at the minimum. Otherwise, relax, enjoy your holiday or take your score to meditate about the pieces you are working on.

I often advise my students to take a couple of weeks off from piano but have a lesson occasionally (twice a month). Piano lessons are a good motivation for children to study instead of not touching the piano until January. I believe Christmas can be a good time for improving your piano skills: schools are closed, you might get few days off work and practicing piano with a relaxed mind can be highly beneficial to get better results.

Children like the routine and fixed schedule. If they stay completely away from the piano, it would be harder to get back to their piano practice habits when school starts; without forgetting that at the end of January it is the deadline for those wishing to apply for an exam in March with ABRSM or Trinity.

As a conclusion, the better solution is finding the right balance between holidays and piano practice.

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