A complete piano teaching approach


At WKMT, we believe in a complete approach to music. Since 2010 that we are trying to ensure our students access a full musical experience when deciding to study with us at WKMT.

Everything starts with the organization of proper reception.

Our venues

We designed each one of our places to inspire. Each one of them has a theme. Kensington is Victorian, Camberwell is 60's, and Bermondsey is "The City".

Our location selection responds to our students' needs. We are close to the "Kensingtonian" families:

through our beautiful Victorian piano studio, we stay near the trendy and vibrant South London family hubs through our cosy Camberwell studio and we are just 5 - 15 mins form "Canary Wharf" and "The city" though our Bermondsey studio.

The jewel of the crown of our venue collection is the WKMT Rectorate. Sitting within the heart of one of Spains most beautiful and elegant ancient cities, Mondonedo, the WKMT rectorate is a factory of musical dreams. We use the rectorate mainly for intensive courses open to our London students.

Piano technique

Piano technique is a serious matter at WKMT. The thoughts of Maestro Vicente Scaramuzza inspire us.

Our signature foundation course goes deep into forging a robust finger response in our students. The later prepare them to their work on managing the other "Scaramuzza movements".

Under our technique, they will learn five different movements that will assist them in the resolution of any technical challenge they might find in their musical scores.

Our piano technique is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective ways of approaching the learning and the teaching of the piano. It is used by several of the best piano players in the world including Martha Argerich, Daniel Barenboim, Nelson Goerner, Bruno Leonardo Gelber and Sergio Tiempo amongst others.

Our syllabus

We bet on setting proper educational foundations. For that reason, all our beginner students are encouraged to go through our comprehensive Piano Lessons for Beginners course.

Our piano lessons for beginners course was designed after ten years of working in London with students o all levels and ages.

The main goals are similar to what a student would find in a traditional continental music conservatoire: Gisela Paterno, our headteacher for WKMT Kensignton, designed a support website to accompany the syllabus. is an interactive syllabus that tracks the goals pursued by beginner piano students at WKMT. The whole idea behind it is to ensure all the topics are delivered in the way and fashion our signature approach requires.

Although each teacher will have enough freedom to add his or her input, this website ensures all topics are delivered in all their extension and the right order.

In terms of the pieces to be included for our internal examinations, the website can be complemented with the auxiliary material found at our piano lessons for beginners course.

Our musical and educational activities

We believe we believe music cannot be just taught during the one-to-one piano lessons at our studios. As social art music requires to be shared.

We learn music when we talk about it, when we play it and when we listen to it. For that reason, and to truly offer our students the chance of experiencing music in its full extent, is that we organize our complementary activities.


Our masterclasses have already a long tradition within our organization. Teachers of the reputation of Gabriele Baldoci -professor of Masters degree at Trinity Laban-, Dr Daniel Pereyra, Juan Jose Rezzuto and many others have been in charge of creating these fascinating musical experiences for piano students at WKMT.

At the moment, our masterclasses are focused on developing our students' understanding of the Scaramuzza piano technique.

The whole idea behind these events is to allow students to adopt a third party position in the learning process. They assist the masterclass they see their colleagues while the maestro helps them and therefore, students can fantasize about how they would answer to the same stimuli.

Professional Concerts

Our professional concerts are born like an attempt to resurrect the musical bourgeois gathers of the beginning-of-XX-century-Europe.

In the climax of musical culture and classical performances, the joy of listening to live classical music was widespread. People would gather in medium-size saloons, and they would listen to the performers of their cities and towns. Before the existence of radio of audio recordings, this was the only way people could listen to music.

This interaction with music is both intense and educationally efficient. It allows people to be a contemporary part of the "acousmatic phenomenon" and they can immediately socialize about what they have just experienced.

Our professional concerts involve our WKMT ensemble. The ensemble and the studio have committed the last two years to record "live" in audio and video all Haydn Piano concertos. At the moment we have recorded 6 of them.

After each concert, we offer a warm reception at the back of the venue. Our piano students mingle with our teachers and artists. Summarizing, we all discuss and share our opinions about the event.

Music Festivals

Our festivals are one of the most important events at WKMT. They represent the essential chance our piano students have to portray the product of their continuous efforts preparing their pieces.

The festivals happen in the same venues as the professional concerts.

During the festivals, students gain the chance to perform in front of a friendly audience and using a magnificent instrument.

These events are always recorded in audio and video, and the material is used to allow then students to watch themselves and draw out conclusions along with their teachers. As performers, we usually are not capable of watching ourselves while we play. These videos are the most powerful educational tool. They allow our students to criticize themselves and the way they play holistically.

Intensive piano camps in Europe - WKMT rectorate

Our intense "musical weeks and weekends" in Spain represent the jewel of the crown of our approach.

Based at WKMT's magnificent rectorate building in Mondonedo Galicia, these experiences are unique. A selection of no less than five no more than eight students are gathered to live and study protected from any city interference in the most inspiring environment.

Juan Rezzuto, the director of WKMT, delivers specialized piano lessons to this selection of students. The students follow a very well structured daily study plan covering:

One-to-one piano lessonsMusical appreciationCultural visits to the episcopal city of MondonedoA minimum of three hours of practising every day.

By ensuring all WKMT students are adequately motivated and stimulated on every aspect of music, we then rest assure our piano approach will produce the desired results.

No matter what are the intentions of our piano students when arriving at WKMT, we will work hard, so they become a functional part of the music world.

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