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Our team’s main feature is consistency.  We commit to teaching piano, composition, music theory, violin, guitar and singing. We welcome students from all backgrounds, ages and levels. We are prepared to approach reasonably any musical style. Our signature piano approach revolves around the discipline derived from the “Vicente Scaramuzza Piano technique”. We believe clarity is fundamental when trying to transfer our knowledge. The “Vicente Scaramuzza Piano technique” is by far the clearest of all the approaches to piano teaching. Music lessons London by WKMT is a professional music tuition service at your reach.  

Our three main departments are Piano, Singing, Composition and Music Theory. We have a 100% rate of success in ABRSM and TRINITY COLLEGE EXAMINATIONS.


Our tuition is nevertheless versatile. We can either follow the GRADING system, our house / music-college training or a far more relaxed "for-your-own-enjoyment” approach.

In any case, we establish goals particular to each learning style which keeps your training always moving forward.

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Music lessons at WKMT are designed so they do not depend on each teacher’s personal circumstances. Every music lesson is professionally reported in a standardized way so it can be easily taken over by a different professional. 
Our music teachers team will be taking endless care. 

At WKMT we choose our music teachers only amongst the best ones. We assess their musicality, their passion for teaching music and their individual professional development before even allowing them to start the training to complete our comprehensive recruitment process. 
At WKMT we are continuously trying to stay in tune with your musical inspiration.

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