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Piano Technique - Vicente Scaramuzza


We’ve been promoting Vicente Scaramuzza’s piano technique since the beginning of our studio, Why? Mainly because, after making a lot of research we came to the conclusion that it is the clearest piano paradigm in existence.

There are many and different piano schools, the majority of them tainted with a halo of mysticism. In other words, it is very romantic to be subjective when talking about the expressive aspects of music; but when we need to teach how to play the piano to someone who has never done it before, it is quite important to eradicate any subjectivity. The concepts need to be clear enough to be: firstly, understood by the teacher in charge and secondly, to be successfully transferred to the student.


This work is in honour of the great Maestro Antonio Cardellicchio, author of the "Escense of pianistic execution". In his book Maestro Cardellicchio summarizes 50 years of experience teaching and using Vicente Scaramuzza's piano technique