What is Music Production? Part VII

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

In this series of articles, I will be looking at music production, explaining what it is and how it works for newcomers and beginners to the art form.


In the previous article in this series I looked at the mixing process. In this article I will look at the final stage of music production: the Mastering. With this last stage, my series of articles end.

Once a song has been recorded, edited and mixed, the last thing to do is to master it. Mastering is the process of finalizing the volume, frequency balance and length of a song. Mixing tools such as compression, limiting and equalization are all used to shape the final sound of the song however unlike mixing, the tools are applied to a single stereo file that has been mixed as opposed to all of the individual instruments and elements like you would do in mixing.

Mastering allows a final quality control check of a production, where subtle changes can be made to polish the overall mix and provide a ‘finished’ sound. Mastering also includes making sure that the length of the song is correct, and details such as the file name and file type are correct, before the song is then rendered to be distributed either on a CD, Vinyl or online via downloading and streaming.

With this post we end this series of article about Music Production.

We do hope you enjoyed this series, and overall, you learned all what you need about this trending topic.

For more info, and learn more about it, do not hesitate to contact WKMT on 02071014479. That way Thomas Rickerby would be able to help you with music production lessons and you could become a master on it!

We also share with you the article in which he explains ten tips for piano recording sessions. You will learn how to put this in practice, and how it works from the performer point of view for you to better understand them when recording.

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