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Here we bring a collection of some of the most interesting singing topics or tips picked up from the professional advice by our singing tutor in London, Aisha Peters.

If you are a singing student, amateur or just a singing enthusiast, go through the different topics below to fully understand some of the crucial elements to bear in mind when singing. Aisha, as a professional singer with years of experience and being in the UK Hits back in the 90s' with her group Fierce, is able to give you great pieces of advise worth to be read.

1. Reviewing Your Performance!

Sometimes it can be scary to have to review your performances, whether it's a live performance and or studio recording performance. I remember the first time I listened to a recording I did and then had to honestly critique myself. I nervous and embarrassed. Having the ability to be honest with your self is a good thing because it allows you to see the support that you need to improve your performance and you will be able to evaluate your growth as a result.

Having videos of your performances and or voice recordings allow you to just how far you have come.

If you are ever put in a position where you have to question and or reflect on your performance always be true. Don't be afraid to look at your singing technique in depth, your overall performance, your body language, your breathing technique. Question whether you had open and relaxed body language.

All of the above will support you in being the best that you can be.

2. Knowing more about Muscle Tension Dysphonia:

MTD is tension that cause the vocals to not work properly.

It can be frustrating having to deal with this as a singer. Please see some of the following points below that may help to ease the tension.

* Neck massage. This can help to relax your neck muscles especially your voice box. It is always best to see a trained professional for this as there are important glands in the neck that need to be treated with care.

* A speech therapist! If the issue is quite severe you may wish to see a speech therapist. In conjunction with a vocal coach you may be able to get the best over all result for you!

* Breath!!! Yes Breath! As a vocal coach tutor I am constantly reminding students of just how important it is to breath. When done in a conscious manner you may be able to use the power of breath to relax the throat area easing any discomfort you may have.

3. Did you know about Nebulisers?

Nebulisers for singers are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment a singer could have.

Research has shown that they keep the vocal folds moist and ready for singing because the small droplets of saline solution from the nebuliser is able to get to the larynx more effectively. It has been said that Madonna has been spotted with one on several occasions. Although I have not used a nebuliser myself I am very intrigued to find out whether there would be any change in my vocal health, for the better of course.

Hydration is key for singers and so you must drink water regularly but if you can add to your vocal health in a positive manner then maybe a nebuliser is the way to go.

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