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I think all of the readers have heard that so many times but we live in extraordinary times. Internet and the technology has totally changed our daily tasks and routines. We can have a personal assistant hidden in our watch, we can print the products straight from a 3d printer… The future is now. I might tremble looking around but no one can deny it. How does it affect music market? Does this whole international web affect our tastes? Do we think more globally? Are we even more influenced by international stars? What does it mean to artists?

The past

As we can imagine, the access to music was quite limited in the past. First of all, the manufacturing side of releasing an album was expensive and out of reach for a small artist. Once you had your album delivered then you had to find ways of selling it. That is why radio playlists were mostly populated by the biggest international idols and national stars. It was also chance for independent bands to get discovered by labels as many labels had enough money to spare and put into fresh blood. The CDs and tapes were sold in music stores and later by bigger chains as Wal-Mart for example. I remember meeting a man during my trip to the US keeping his CDs in his car and handing to people. I got one of them exactly in front of Wal-Mart. That is why people in Poland would listen mostly to Polish music (which I find a great piece of art).


The Internet is a game changer. We have streaming services. No one cares about the distance. Music nowadays is more about finding a right playlist than a right artist because the playlists take everything the best the artists have to offer. So I type my favourite genre/my mood/my place and my app provides me with the best of the best. Voila! I can find a new song by top charter as well as a completely unknown band from an unknown country. This is handy, I know.

As artists…

… nowadays we have so many tools to use that can help us with promoting ourselves. Everything is almost free. We can promote ourselves to social media, we can publish our songs on soundcloud… And that is how the music tastes get affected. You can be a new age pop (I don’t know if it really exists) artist and you can still find some followers. Some listeners. Even labels they look for hits rather than artists. So if you can write several hits – great. But you can as well become a one hit star. It happens.

Loreena McKennitt

I decided to put this name here because I respect her very much and I am totally in love with her music (I doubt she would fall in love with mine though…) but I am also conscious of how smart she is when it comes to adapting her management to new eras. She started (and she still is) as an independent artist. She would record and sing her songs on streets selling her albums. Nowadays, she uses many modern tools to stay up to date with the media, maintaining her values.

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