Group piano lessons for children: Why and how?

Updated: Jan 19

Music is about sharing. That’s why we aim to make sure all our students count with the possibility of performing in front of a silent audience and within an inspiring venue. Now, in order to get the most out of this experience, they need to prepare properly…

Our WKMT piano teachers come from a long tradition of pianists and maestros. We all share a strong sense of team working and we appreciate the value of perspective and collaboration. A piano masterclass can prove to be a highly edifying activity when done properly and managed seriously.

Main features and benefits

Our head of early ages conducts regular group lessons for no more than 6 students at a time. These lessons are scheduled on a monthly basis. We are expecting them to develop into weekly occurrences. The lessons are designed so every student plays in front of a small musically-aware audience.

The advantage these lessons bring to our piano students include:

  1. Getting used to perform in front of an audience

  2. Developing music criticism: This is a fundamental skill which is easier to develop when we listen to someone else’s lesson rather than when we are playing ourselves.

  3. Enhancing listening skills: When the teacher is delivering the lesson to one student/participant the other ones are listening... This practice allows more pedagogical introspection, which augments the chances of students finding out or understanding general musical concepts.

  4. Appreciating and developing auditory skills.

  5. Developing a healthy sense of competition.

Lesson Structure

The lessons are organised so, every student plays for each other. Students learn from their performance participation and from the criticism made to other participants. The periods when our students are listening, encourage their introspection. Music is the most abstract of arts: it is abstract even in what it refers to. For that reason, many of the biggest musical challenges can and should be solved analytically rather than by physically performing passages.


We have started with these group lessons in 2012. One of the most obvious outcomes of these lessons is motivation. Performing the piano as a discipline can be very lonely. I have heard many colleagues saying they turned into chamber music pianists due to the latter. In spite of the fact that performing piano requires a lot of introspection, we can certainly make the process more social. Sharing the product of our effort with our fellow musicians can prove to be both educationally edifying and musically motivating.

Another article related to Fun Vs disciple in children learning can be found below:

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