WKMT ready for the new school year.

Updated: Jan 17

The new school term is almost here and we are getting ready in WKMT!

We have gone through many changes in the past months. Our team has improved, we have new energies coming in and new experiences which will enrich our powerful knowledge base.

This year we will be welcoming a new member of the team coming directly from the Musical Arts department of the celebrated UNA - Universidad Nacional Argentina-

The dean of the UNA, Dr. Cristina Vazquez, has given us her approval and support to send the best student/musician from her institution to work at our studio WKMT. The candidate will have the opportunity to live and work in London for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 8 months.

The scholar will be a full time member of the team from another country and the official ambassador of that respected foreign University.

We are celebrating a very important internal meeting at our Kensington studio in order to keep all our members up to date with our activities and our students’ studying plans:

  • Start forging a strong relationship between old and new team members

  • Discussing the reality of our students before September in order to start the new school year applying the right approach for those students in need of extra support

  • Reviewing and refreshing the main Scaramuzza premises

  • Organizing our festival and concerts from September to December 2017

We are also welcoming Cristina Guerra. Cristina is a former WKMT Teacher, who is happily coming back for good after a break in Naples. Cristina is both a musician and a psychologist which makes her the best motivational tutor. Her piano skills reach the highest possible standards, her qualifications are impeccable and her work ethic is backed up with above ten years of experience teaching students from all levels and ages.

Last, but not least, we are glad to announce our next Music Festival. It will be our 6th Festival. Our students will have the chance to perform in front of an audience the pieces they have been preparing at WKMT:

- Date: 18th November 2017, from 11 am to 7 pm.

- Venue: Magnificent Pushkin House, Fitzrovia, London (UK).

We will keep on informing about the latest details of the Festival in our newsletter and blog.

WKMT welcome you to the new school year.

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