Teachers always learning.

“Do you still take lessons?”, a question that I hear regularly from students of various ages and skill levels.

This is a common and somewhat understandable misconception when taking music tuition, that the teacher doesn’t need lessons because they are teaching, i.e they have already done their studying so to speak. However, it is far more common than one would assume, with many teachers taking lessons to branch out into another style or technique, or simply to refine their existing style and technique.

There are many benefits for a teacher to take lessons themselves, not only to improve their musicianship to achieve personal goals, but to get a better understanding of their instrument and music theory in general, which can improve their teachings on the subject.

Another reason why teachers benefit from taking lessons is that it puts into the same position that their students are in, particularly when studying a new instrument that is foreign to them. The teacher will go through the same struggles and frustrations that their students go through, allowing them to be empathetic toward their students, and deliver their lessons with this in mind, providing the student with a more enriching learning experience.

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