Music and Teamwork.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

One of the most valuable and exciting things we can do is play music and collaborate with other people. A lot of ideas and experiences are shared; plus we can take things we already know and come up with something completely new.

In my experience I tried out different areas. In an orchestra you can meet with many different kinds of people with many interests. Finding orchestral music such as Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak and Mahler Symphonies. Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture, other major scores like Bizet Carmen or film music from Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean are some real highlights. Being surrounded in a mass of sound is something I recommend to anyone who enjoys music. There are lots of ways to play with an orchestra- either as part of it in a section or playing a solo in a concerto.

One particular experience I had was a charity raising concert that lasted for about 7 hours where the Orchestra played many different types of music with solos thrown in. I played the Grieg piano concerto. What happened before it was quite eventful. Only having rehearsed the first part of the first movement days before. On the day I went to get some lunch while the orchestra as playing. Before I knew it they had finished and said I was playing next- I literally rushed my sandwich – threw away the cake and had finished chewing in the first few bars of the concerto. Playing through the full concerto was an exciting experience. On the finale of it I hadn’t realised I was rocking a bit keeping the tempo going. From my side view I could see the front part of the audience tapping their foot to it too. The synchronicity of it was electric. It felt like a real team effort with everyone getting involved,

Along the way finding friends to get together in chamber music like a string quartet or trip with piano can lead to some amazing music that otherwise would have been missed. Some favourites have to be Mendelssohn Capriccio and Fugue for string quartet and Ravel string quartet. Other types of music jamming with friends playing guitar and drums or accompanying other instrumentalists or singers added more dimensions and enjoyment to the understanding of music. It makes for some of the best experiences finding people to explore different kinds of music whether as a duet, band, chamber group or more and see what you can discover.

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