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The material on this page is either produced by our teacher's team or summarized from the works of William Caplin (Musical Forms) and Arnold Schoemberg (Harmony)

Music Theory / Composition Resources | Music Analysis Resources​


Counting with the appropriate Music Theory background is fundamental in order to carry out professional music analysis.

This page brings together works of our WKMT teachers and summaries based on William Caplin and Arnold Schoenberg works.  

We are carrying out a comprehensive analysis of Haydn Hob. XVI -his piano sonatas-. The idea of this page is to provide background information and resources used to conduct the analysis of Haydn piano sonatas.

William Caplin’s “Classical Forms” is an outstanding source of information and a great approach to follow when conducting deep music analysis. Caplin carefully lists all the possible music themes, phrases, ideas and shapes someone can find within the music of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and other composers aligned with the classical paradigm. This work truly marks a change of paradigm in relation to the way we label proper classical music building blocks. 

These summaries are intended to provide students with a guide on how to consult W. Caplin’s “Classical forms”. We strongly recommend all our readers to acquire “Classical Forms” by WIlliam Caplin. This remarkable work contains fabulous explanations and examples that can facilitate the understanding of each and every classical music component.

On the other hand we will be working on the Structural functions of harmony by Arnold Schoenberg in the very same way. We will  be creating summaries of each chapter intended to guide you through this masterpiece of harmonic analysis. 

Classical Forms

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