Recording Studio


With experience  for over 15 years, WKMT are experts in every aspect of making music. Our creativity, connections and knowledge of the business are something we wish to share with our clients to help them attain their musical aspirations.



We are equipped with top of the range Behringer, Electrec and Audix microphones that guarantee you are provided with the highest quality service in the market.

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
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Kurdish Music Session
Kurdish Music Session
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Grand Piano Recording London
Grand Piano Recording London
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HD Cameras
HD Cameras
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Victoria Voice Recording Studio.PNG
Victoria Voice Recording Studio.PNG
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Kurdish Music by Mansur

Equipment: AUDIXSC25A + Bheringer + Stereo Cardiod condensers


This is a RAW,  NON-MASTERED sample 



Venus - La chanteuse

Music: Juan Rezzuto

Soprano: Emma Sewell


Sadlers WELLS - Nov. 2013 -

Rezzuto at Saddler's Wells


We believe that all our singers should be able to express themselves with a relaxed and inspiring environment. That’s why all the recording sessions are carried out paying the maximum attention to detail. We will always try and make your experience enjoyable and edifying.

Recording sessions


The recordings can be carried out with three different levels of assistance:

With a recording engineer that operates the computer so you can focus entirely on your singing.

A composer and producer who can orientate you to get the best out of your talents by advising you on expressive matters such as dynamics and timing.

A vocal coach, chosen from our team, who can assist you with technical matters like breathing and voice management.



We are trained to provide you with the best mastering service available in London. All the work is carried out by Juan Rezzuto and Gisela Paterno, both fully qualified composers obsessed with the detail and dedicated to creating perfect recordings.

"The A Team" by Ed Sheeran

Recorded with AUDIX microphones, sung by Zack Lichman (former Northern Line)

Professional Post-tuning


We do not use Auto-tune solely as an automated plug-in, on the contrary we do a manual tuning of each individual note. The latter guarantees the singable quality is only enhanced and never perturbed, allowing us to stand for the highest credibility of the final product.





Audio / Video Portfolios


We are equipped to provide you with the most serious audio and video recordings which complete a full vision of your artistic profile. They can be meant to serve as a sample for a university entrance exam or they can be grouped into a professional portfolio meant to introduce yourself to producers and commercial labels.

I have dreamt - Doris day

Victoria Dewavrin appliication for the Royal Halloway




"Thought I would give you the little news that I got in to the music program!!

And also to thank you for all your help, couldn't have done it without you!

Have a lovely summer!"




We are ideally located in the heart of West Kensington, less than one minute walk from West Kensington Tube station (District Line) and 4 minutes walk from Barons Court Station (Piccadilly line) within a magnificent and quiet building: Kensington Hall Gardens. 



£60.00 per hour of voice recording

£80.00 per hour of editing


In case you record accompanied by our Grand Yamaha C-3 Piano, the rate of the voice recording will be dropped to £30.00 per hour. (See al rates Grand Piano Recordings).