Piano Masterclass London - 10.01.2018

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

On january the 9th the WKMT ' S teachers team have gathered to discuss some items related to pedagogic strategies for piano students. The meeting has focused specially on the first lesson of a piano beginner: trying to find a common strategy for giving the student a panoramic view of all the things he or she will have to face in his upcoming classes and music studies.

Thereby, the team made an agreement about the importance of three different aspects to work in at the first lesson:

1) The importance of the weight management. It is fundamental for any piano student or professional having a notion of the body parts that are involved while they are playing any piece. This point includes relaxation notions, self-knowledge of the muscles that are being used and how to control them, and specially matters about the intensity with which we press keys with our fingers. Therefore is very important to be conscious about how to deliver the weight of the arm and the forearm into the fingertips.

2) Basic notions about music: the name of the notes, how to find them on the keyboard and the different pitches we can reach playing the piano. This item introduces us to the importance of reading music and knowing the note values. It's essential to know from the first class that as pianists we will have to read in two clefs at the same time. That is why is so significant to practise our sight reading without seeing the keyboard and trying to discover at this first sight the movement an motion of the music we are trying to read: if both hands are moving similarly, if they are doing contrary motion or if one is staying in the same line while the other moves up and down. This will be our first notion about texture on a musical speech.

3) Exercising. Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos 1 was for unanimity selected by the teacher's team for being the best way for starting our first steps on the piano because it is perfectly well graduated and very accessible for starters.

On the other hand, and finally, the team got to the conclusion that it is as important as theory to incorporate the habit of practising every day, and the teacher will try to encourage the student to keep learning and studying at home trying to incorporate all these important items to get a healthy technique in order to make us better musicians.

Learn all about our Piano Masterclass for Children by WKMT.

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