Light & Shade | Duality in 18th-century Music

Updated: Jan 24

19th November 2016, 7pm

The Holburne Museum, Bath

‘Les Bougies Baroques'

Conductor/fortepiano | Ian Peter Bugeja

Soprano | Elizabeth Karani

Mezzo-soprano | Maria Ostroukhova

The music of the latter half of the 18th century – just like silver – looks extraordinarily distinctive through a range of applied compositional techniques, and while it is instantly recognisable, it is by no means many shades of grey. Join 'Les Bougies Baroques' as they lead us through the 'light and shade' of European art music from the latter part of the eighteenth century, an era associated with the 'Sturm und Drang’ (’Storm and Stress’) movement – a reactionary movement against the perceived constraints of rationalism which the Enlightenment as an aesthetic movement propagated – in which extremes of emotion were expressed freely.

The concert will feature music by major European composers Mozart, Gluck, and Haydn alongside that of lesser-known composers Mysliveček and Joseph Bologne, the ‘Black Mozart’; the concert will also feature an overture from 18th-century Malta (c.1799) by Francesco Azzopardi.

Maltese conductor-harpsichordist/fortepianist Ian Peter Bugeja heads 'Les Bougies Baroques’ – who are joined by soprano Elizabeth Karani and mezzo-soprano Maria Ostroukhova.

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J. Bologne – Overture to ‘L'Amant Anonyme’ [G 75]

C. W. Gluck – ‘Misera, dove son?... Ah non son io che parlo' from 'Ezio’ (Elizabeth Karani)

W. A. Mozart – ‘Se l’augellin sen fugge’ from ‘La Finta Giardiniera’ (Maria Ostroukhova)

F. J. Haydn – Symphony No. 44 in E Minor, ‘Trauer' [Hob.I/44]

F. Azopardi – Overture in D major [Ed. Bertil van Boer]

C. W. Gluck – ‘Le belle immagini’ from ‘Paride ed Elena’ (Maria Ostroukhova)

J. Mysliveček – 'Più non si trovano’ from ‘L'Olimpiade' (Elizabeth Karani)

W.A. Mozart – ‘Se l’empio Silla… D’Elisio in sen’ from 'Lucio Silla' (Elizabeth Karani & Maria Ostroukhova)

W. A. Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 12 in A major [K. 414] (Soloist: Ian Peter Bugeja)

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