September has two things to highlight

The first one is the fact that as B.B. King once said “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you”.

The students that were abroad during the summer showed me that, even when they maybe did not have a piano to practise with during the break, they still keep the same knowledge as the one they left on the last lesson. Hard work, kindness and mutual understanding made all this possible.

The satisfaction of a teacher is, undoubtedly, these kind of moments.

The second is a recommendation of a piece I am learning at the moment: the Rhapsodie op.79 n2 for piano in G minor by the German Romantic composer Johannes Brahms.

I recommend the Martha Argerich interpretation for her powerful and yet delicate playing of this piece full of expression challenges and very contrasted dynamics and articulation.

The Rhapsodie was composed in 1879, as a part of a group of two Rhapsodies (Op.79 n1 y 2) being Brahms in the maturity of his career. The piece seems to sing in every note, it makes you expectant at all times.

It counts with some of the Romantic elements in music: passionate melodies and harmony, sudden dynamics changes, based on feelings while expressing the completely contrast of emotions contained in it…

Hearing to the recordings of great masters can make everything looks very easy. Then when you reach the score and sit on the stool ready for that special moment of the first approach you face the great challenge that makes the final result much more special.

Music makes you own the privilege of being able to perform something as ethereal as the unique sound of your own interpretation. The score guides you in that, everything is written so you can decode the language that put the sounds all together, and you have to respect it, but the most beautiful part is to understand it and make the piece your own.

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