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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Why should we be near you?

Piano lessons near me by WKMT – As we always say, it is very important to remain at the reach of our students. We know you normally take your piano lessons after a long day of work or studying so, it is paramount to make sure your slot is properly organized.

If the location is wrong, then your piano lessons will be destined to fail. Not because you are not enthusiastic enough, but just because it becomes too much of a burden.

How do we manage to do it? Home tuition and Skype lessons

Depending your location, your lessons might happen at your place, at one of our two studios (West Kensington or Camberwell), at one of our affiliate studios (all around London) or via Skype. We virtually cover all London. We have organized our practise so we can always be close to you regardless of your location.

Maintaining the quality through constant teacher’s training sessions

The quality of our tuition is maintained thanks to our continuous teachers-training-sessions. We are the only private piano practise in London that offers so many training sessions to its team members. Our main reason: maintaining the educational consistency. For our directive team it is paramount to know that all our students will be taught following the same paradigm. Not the exact same approach, but the same terminology. There is nothing more confusing than receiving instructions in different languages. At WKMT, we make sure we all share the same code.

New members of the team covering new areas

We incorporated three new team members to guarantee we can reach even more London areas. We take a lot of time to make a teacher incorporation. Our recruitment process is tough, for that reason whenever we manage to be satisfied with a new team member it is a reason to celebrate!


If you have questions or you want to receive more information do not hesitate in calling us on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm. A member of our staff will be happy to introduce you to our “piano lessons near me” service.

Do not miss our tuition-near-me post!

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