Title: Top 10 tips on choosing a great piano teacher

Are you looking to enrol your children into piano lessons? Or do you want to learn a new set of skills that you could use to impress your friends. Either way, learning to play the piano is an age old tradition that is respected & praised by many members of society. You are never too old or too young to learn the piano, if you have the patience and drive to learn it then you will become Mozart in no time.

Below we will provide you with the top 10 best things to look out for when choosing your piano teachers in London, or in any part of the world. This can also be applied to selecting any type music teacher as well.

  1. Go with your guts: Music is a form of self-expression, very similar to art (in fact it is an art form). Which is why it is important to go with your guts and let your feelings guide the way.

  2. Meet the teacher first: Arrange for an initial consultation or just simply a coffee to see what the person is like. If you are arranging tuition for your child, let the teacher and the child have a conversation to see how they get on. You will be spending a lot of time with your teacher so it is important to establish an appropriate level of personal connection before venturing into an educational relationship.

  3. Let your child speak: Reserved specifically for people who are searching for their children. It is important to let your child lead the way, after all it is going to be their teacher. You want to minimalise the risk of your child changing his or her mind later because they feel that you forced the teacher on them.

  4. Does the teacher seem interested? A good teacher will always listen to what you have to say, they are patient and generally experience in working with any level of learners.

  5. Let the teacher demonstrate their skill level: A piano teacher needs to know how to play the piano, this is obvious. If it is convenient, ask them to play you a song or a short extract. You will quickly learn what they are like through listening to their music.

  6. A sense of humour: This is especially important if it’s for your children but it is also important if it’s for you. A tutor with a sense of humour will keep you entertained and build good relationship with their students.

  7. Strictness: Many piano teachers are very strict and difficult towards failures. Depending on how you want to approach the learning of your skills, a strict teacher could be useful but most of the time will be destructive to the learning process.

  8. Ask for a trial: You can talk to the teacher all day and learn a lot, but you will never learn as much as applying and trying it directly. Having a trial will also help determine if piano lessons are right for you.

  9. Does the teacher want your money or do they genuinely love to teach: Most teachers realistically fall in the middle somewhere, but the ideal teacher should be more focused on the enhancement of your abilities. Music teachers generally enrol in the profession out of passion and opportunity so this is not a hard quality to find but many also get shadowed by greed which is destructive towards your learning process.

  10. Avoid stubborn & self-obsessive characteristics: Similar to strictness, a teacher that is stubborn or are too obsessed with their own personal achievements will get your ability nowhere. It is fine for a teacher to be proud of his/her achievements but if they spend all day talking about it, they are probably more interested in keeping you up to date about their life then teaching you any piano skills.

This list is designed to fit a general goal of individuals looking for a piano teacher in London or anywhere in the world. If your goals are to enrol in a high-achievement environment then piano lessons with teachers with high merits will be vital. If you goals are to casually learn a new skill, then ensuring you have a personal connection with your teacher is a priority, most people find they dropped piano lessons because they hated the teacher and never want to go back to piano again.

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