WKMT is the single most commited piano teachers team in London  

Piano teachers London by WKMT

Piano teachers London at WKMT - At WKMT we count with the most professionally trained piano teachers team in London. We currently are the one of the very few private piano practises running open-to-the-public master-classes and teachers training sessions on a regular basis. 


We open Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm
Our hourly rate starts from £36.00
We deliver piano lessons in our London Studios
We are based in Kensington, Bermondsey and Camberwell locations
We have been training Grade examinations in London since 2010

“When you play, never mind who listens.” –Robert Schumann

F. Pieklo

F. Pieklo

Piano Teacher

Starting at the age of 11, he has been studying ever since, attending masterclasses, piano competitions, piano lessons with Argentinian piano tutors, and learned Scaramuzza piano technique amongst other achievements.

J.J. Rezzuto

J.J. Rezzuto

Director & Founder

Juan Rezzuto is a rare artist with a great deal of intellect and an in-depth understanding of piano, composition and music technology.

P. Tsitsaros

P. Tsitsaros

Piano Teacher

Piano teacher with PGCE Music at Cambridge University

G. Paterno

G. Paterno

Head WKMT Kensington

Gisela is a specialized piano and music theory teacher graduated from the renowned Santa Ana Conservatoire (Buenos Aires - Argentina). She is a superb musician, specialized in delivering high quality piano lessons, capable of playing piano, cello and guitar at concert standards.

J. Perdomo

J. Perdomo

Piano Teacher

Cuban Classical and Baroque pianist. Specialized in piano, organ and harpsichord.

Our recruitment process

We apply a very thorough recruitment process for all teachers at WKMT. In this way, we ensure our professionals:

  1. Know the Scaramuzza piano technique in a way in which they can teach it consistently

  2. They respect our procedures, so every student follows our homologated teaching method

  3. They appreciate the value of live performances.


We chose our teachers because of their personal and professional characteristics. 


Every teacher at WKMT needs to have passed a thorough professional examination. 


The professional examination is complemented with an in-depth psychological analysis in charge of two different psychologists to ensure equal opportunities and maximum objectivity.

Piano pedagogy

At WKMT, our teachers apply a strict and yet adaptable teaching method to our students. 


Our professionals leave nothing for improvisation. 


We sustain our holistic approach on strong pillars: 


  1. A well-defined student planning

  2. A precise schedule of activities

  3. An integrated set of events beyond the piano lessons


Student programmes


Our teachers create a clear study plan for each one of our students after lesson number 1.


The plan includes a completion deadline; a practice plan and a and a solid repertoire list. 


Teachers submit their students' programmes for the analysis of our director Juan Jose Rezzuto. 


It is only with Rezzuto's approval that then the programme is sent to our students.




piano teacher

Reporting System

Educational consistency is a must and we guarantee it through the production and monitoring of our professional reports. After every lesson, our piano teachers, regardless if the lesson happened at the studio or at our student’s address, send a standard formatted report which will account for all the different subjects discussed in the session. These reports have the double role of keeping informed the directive team about your progress and guiding you through your home practising. 

Studio and Peripatetic Piano Tuition

Our piano teachers deliver studio and home tuition sessions. The first lesson or screening is performed at our premises. After this first appointment our students decide whether they prefer to continue taking their lessons at our premises or they rather have the piano teacher attending their own address. 

piano tutor london.JPG

WKMT Camberwell

No Cancellations

Our solid booking system enables us to prevent any cancellation from the piano teachers team side. Unexpected cancellations are a common problem amongst piano teachers in London. Our system ensures continuity through the implementation of a common language, the Vicente Scaramuzza Piano technique. 

All our teachers are trained to provide you with options to book your lessons throughout all the week and weekend. The studio and home tuition service is available Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm. Our dedicated studio PA will help you matching your availability with our most suitable teachers. Continuity is the key to success. Our full flexible booking system facilitates your lesson attendance guaranteeing the best results with your training. 

Fully Flexible Booking System


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