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Tango lessons in London from authentic Argentineans



Taking advantage of our Argentinean heritage, we are ready to launch our Tango one-to-one piano courses at WKMT.


Classical Tango music might be one of the most elegant styles of music to play. It is a pleasure for any developing musician to be able to experience the joy of performing the colorful chords and rhythms featured in Tango music.


How is WKMT Tango piano course structured?
We will start by explaining you the basic tango rhythms and accompaniments. Then we will continue by teaching you some tango arrangements suitable for your level. 
We will aim to give you a wide perspective on tango piano music within 12 hour of lessons. 
What are the advantages of learning how to play tango piano?
It is popularly known that tango music is one of the most elegant music to enhance social gatherings. But besides its entertaining graces, tango can be the most cathartic style of music to play. Its strong chords and accentuations help us unleash our feelings and enjoy our creative potential in an unprecedented way. 

Where do the lessons take place?

The lessons can be organised either in WKMT Kensington or in WKMT Camberwell. They can be delivered Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm. 

How can I organise my first appointment?

You just need to call us on 02071014479 Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm. Our administrator will find the most convenient slot for you according to your suggested availability. 


Why is WKMT the best choice for tango piano students?

Mainly because its founder, Maestro Juan Rezzuto, is a pure blood argentinian. WKMT Kensington’s director is also a portenia. Gisela was born and raised in the heart of Buenos Aires and has committed her life to the development of a compositional language which implements many devices directly inherited from Tango music.
Come to WKMT and enjoy the pleasure of learning how to perform one of the most sensual music styles in the world. 
You are just one call away from your tango adventure +442071014479

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